Nick Wright? More Like Nick WRONG!

The idiotic takes that come from people with deep rooted hatred or envy of the New England Patriots are some of my favorite things to see each year. And Nick Wright is almost always at the forefront of said idiotic thoughts: First things first, people bringing up the offensive line like that’s now the achilles […]

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The Poor Jets

I genuinely feel bad for some fan bases. The Jets are on the top of that list. To be a fan of a team that is just so inept and off base in every single thing they do must be a sad existence. I’m a Patriots fan of course. The worst thing we have deal […]

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Happy 3-28 Day!

There have been many great comebacks over the years. The Boston Red Sox coming back down 3-0 in the ALCS against the Yankees. The Cavs (screw Lebron) in the 2016 NBA Finals versus the Warriors. The Boston Celtics in the 2008 NBA Finals against the Lakers. Kim Kardashian back in 2007. But none will ever […]

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The NFL Cant Control Themselves

The NFL owners have voted to make offensive and defensive pass interference calls, or non calls, reviewable. This is gonna be a problem. Let’s be honest, this rule is going to piss every single fan base off at some point next season. All because the Saints lost on a blown PI call in the playoffs […]

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I Hate College Sports

I know this is a very unpopular take this time of year. Especially living in a state like Florida, where college sports is almost as cult-like as religion for these people. It genuinely annoys the shit out of me how much I get asked what my college team is or if I filled out my […]

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The Gronk Era Is Over

Rob Gronkowski has retired. In a post via Instagram last night, Gronk let the world know that his football career is over. A move that surprised no one, but was still a tough pill to swallow. Whether you’re a Patriots fan or not, you have to agree that he’s the best to ever do it […]

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