Is Kevin Durant A Good Guy Again?

A bunch of moves have been made official today (most of which we’ve known about for a few hours, if not, days now) but there’s really two players everyone is waiting for. Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. Now, while the latter is taking his sweet ass time, the former has officially made his move for […]

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Toronto Is Getting A Bad Wrap

Kevin Durant looked to have ruptured his achilles or something in his leg last night in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. It’s clear by this video that something went horribly wrong: Durant proceeded to turn the ball over and fall to the floor grabbing his leg. Toronto went on a fastbreak down the other […]

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Is Bob Myers Serious?

Listen, I get it. Your star player comes back to try to will your team to a crucial victory, and while he helps in achieving that, he also suffers a season ending injury. It’s emotional for everyone involved. But what the hell is this? Crocodile tears like you read about! This is a man who […]

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Can Kyrie Irving Go Away?

If I have to hear another segment or see another article written about Kyrie freaking Irving I think I’m gonna lose it. The guy is a fake, wannabe superstar but all he’ll ever be is a supremely talented third piece on a championship contender. I am sick of hearing where he may go and who […]

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