Baker Mayfield Needs To Grow Up

The refs suck this year. Every game. For every team across the board. There are phantom calls and ticky tack calls being thrown out like it’s Halloween and they’re tootsie rolls*. They’re like that for EVERYONE Baker, not just you and the Browns. *Tootsie rolls are the best worst candy out there by the way. […]

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The Browns Are Still The Browns

I was initially writing a blog about how the Washington Redskins R-Words (still don’t know where we landed on that whole issue) have become the laughing stock of the NFL. Taking the mantle from the Browns, Lions, Jets or Giants. But then I saw last nights game and, I gotta tell ya, the Browns are […]

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Chubb Going Down?

The Cleveland Browns have signed Kareem Hunt. If that sentence holds no weight for you, allow me to explain. Kareem Hunt was accused of domestic violence when a video surfaced of him acting aggressively towards a woman and then kicking said woman in a hotel while she was on the ground. It then came out […]

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