Anthony Davis Embarrasses Lebron James As Duo Shows Sign Of Dissension

Okay, maybe that title is a little strong, but you be the judge: AD telling LeBron his implants are falling out proves it really is his team now @MickstapeShow — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) October 26, 2019 What a power move by AD asserting his dominance over the lesser, over the hill Lebron. “Hey old […]

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Patriots Destroy Jets

I’m so happy this happened during a primetime game. The entire football world needed to see this and be put on notice. The New England Patriots defense is legit. The Boogeymen are real. I don’t care who they’ve played. If you watch these games, you see how historically great the D is. If this defense […]

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Tom Brady Likes Happy Endings!?

Tom Brady is full of surprises huh? Playing at a championship level into his 40’s. Rushing for 1,000 yards. The commercial poking fun at Roger Goodell. Having a tremendous Twitter game. But this is more shocking than all the rest. I honestly didn’t even think it was real at first. I thought someone CGI’d our […]

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Demaryius Thomas Is A Bitter Baby

The game of football is a business. A ruthless business at that. And no one runs their business more ruthlessly than one Bill Belichick. This is a fact that the entire football world is aware of. Well, I guess not the entire football world since Demaryius Thomas doesn’t seem to understand how things work around […]

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