Avengers: Endgame Trailer #2

Holy shit. This may be the most anticipated movie of all time. And I’m using no hyperbole when I say that. For me, it most certainly is. I have never been more excited for a movie, or anything for that matter, in my entire life. And I have seen 9 Super Bowls! Nothing even comes […]

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Captain Marvel Review

Thanos is screwed. This won’t be a spoiler review, but wow. I just got home from watching Captain Marvel and let me tell you…its a great movie. I’m not gonna do a normal review where I break down every plot point of the movie and give you the boring ‘critic speak’ that you’re used to […]

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Endgame is Near

With Avengers Endgame less that two months away (holy shit) I figured I would try to list my favorite Marvel movies throughout the last 10 years. I am talking strictly Marvel Cinematic Universe movies here too, not those Sony/Fox knockoffs. My plan is to watch each of the movies I’m ranking right before I type […]

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