Experts Say An Alien Invasion Would Spell Doom For Earth And I’m Here For It

End is nigh: Alien contact could 'end life on Earth' scientists say — New York Post (@nypost) June 14, 2021 Honestly, this article was a whole lotta nothing, but the headline caught my attention and it’s aliens so you know your boy had to give it a click. But it’s just the same […]

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Aliens Are Invading Kansas City

Aliens are here. Per my last blog, you know that our stupid dumb dumb President doesn’t believe in them, but guess what sir, THEY’RE HERE! They probably hear that Trump didn’t believe and they’re like “Oh yeah bitch? Watch this.” And so it begins. This is WILD that the Kansas National Weather Service actually tweeted […]

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Florida Is Taking Aliens Seriously

Flood insurance. Car insurance. Life insurance. And now Alien insurance. It’s about god damn time, I say. The St. Lawrence Agency based out of Altamonte Springs in Florida has decided to take things seriously and is now offering people insurance for getting abducted by aliens. I gotta give it to Florida for stepping up here. […]

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The Aliens Are Back

I’m assuming you’ve seen the video going around of an alien ship plummeting through the skies in Los Angeles last night, but in case you didn’t, here is the video: Ladies and gentlemen, that is a god damn UFO. Don’t let the government feed you any of their lies. Wanna know how they tried to […]

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