I’m Unhappy.

***RECORD SCRATCH*** We interrupt this broadcast of your usual sports/news/social commentary to bring you a special “behind the scenes” blog. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the normal Sully’s Space content momentarily. Thank you in advance for your understanding. I wanted to write a personal blog today. I told myself when 2021 started that I […]

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Experts Say An Alien Invasion Would Spell Doom For Earth And I’m Here For It

End is nigh: Alien contact could 'end life on Earth' scientists say https://t.co/sIhP7ecQ5r pic.twitter.com/U6rx0Bl1vd — New York Post (@nypost) June 14, 2021 Honestly, this article was a whole lotta nothing, but the headline caught my attention and it’s aliens so you know your boy had to give it a click. But it’s just the same […]

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PokéTheory #1: The Great War

I love Pokémon. When my little pokeballs were starting to drop as a kid, playing Pokémon games and collecting the cards was my entire life. I distinctly remember trading one of my neighbors a Rattata and some energy cards for his holographic Venusaur only to have his mom Dikembe Mutombo that shit and nix the […]

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Getting Fined For Calling Out Bad Officiating Is Nonsense

Bruce Cassidy got fined today for (rightly) calling out the NHL’s horrendous officiating in Game 5 of the Bruins vs Islanders series. Bruce Cassidy not holding back. Are the refs dogging the Bruins? pic.twitter.com/zJ4ag4QlhS — Spittin' Chiclets (@spittinchiclets) June 8, 2021 The NHL announces that Bruce Cassidy has been fined $25,000 for "public comments critical […]

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Logan Paul Won

Floyd Mayweather is the most famous boxer alive today. Undefeated at 50 – 0 (27 KO’s) with 15 major world titles under his belt to go along with 3 Golden Gloves and an Olympic Bronze medal, Mayweather’s celebrity cannot be ignored. Love him. Hate him. It doesn’t really matter. He may very well go down […]

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Kyrie Irving Is The Worst

This has been written and talked about 100 times since it happened, but as a Celtics fan, I felt the need to give my opinion on it. Kyrie Irving is a bitch. He’s a grown man who acts like a child and can’t handle when people dislike him even though he brings that on with […]

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