Florida Man Needs His Whopper

No one likes lines. This is a fact. Waiting in a line, for anything, may be the worst thing a person can experience. Not only because of the inconvenience of having your day delayed because of other humans, but just the sheer number of times throughout the day that we have to deal with these […]

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End The MLB Season

What’s wrong with baseball? I ask that genuinely as a very big baseball fan and with the utmost concern. Why can’t this sport just…figure it out? The times are going and the MLB just can’t quite keep up with it. I mean, this is a sport that, in a time where posting clips of sports […]

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Joe Kelly Is A Legend

Baseball Twitter has been set ablaze by former Red Sox great/legend/Yankee Killer Joe Kelly. For what, you ask? For providing some good old fashion self-policing of this great game we call baseball. Whoopsie. Shouldn’t of had that popcorn! pic.twitter.com/DFRKvlMDxR — Eric Hubbs (@BarstoolHubbs) July 29, 2020 Juuuuust a tad inside. But hey, Kelly himself admitted […]

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We Have Aliens Vehicles Now

2020 is slowly becoming the “year that the United States Government admitted the existence of extraterrestrial life and no one gave a shit”. Exhibit 51: Pentagon's UFO unit is going to publicly release some findings after ex-official says 'off-world vehicles' found 👽 (via @nytimes) pic.twitter.com/IzQ7ACo2RX — Culture Crave 🎥 (@CultureCrave) July 24, 2020 Former Pentagon […]

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Superman Meets His Sidekick

Hype videos have always played well up in New England. Whether it’s one made by the team or made by a certain GOAT quarterback who took his talents to Tompa Bay (holy shit does that nickname suck), hype videos always get New England’s collective heart racing about an upcoming season. And with the world in […]

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