Getting Fined For Calling Out Bad Officiating Is Nonsense

Bruce Cassidy got fined today for (rightly) calling out the NHL’s horrendous officiating in Game 5 of the Bruins vs Islanders series.

With everything tied up 2-2, it’s kiiiiiiind of a crucial game so you’d hope the officiating doesn’t suck. Or, at the very least, it’s bad for both sides. But that’s not what we got last night…

But I’m not here to talk solely about the NHL employing what appeared to be the three blind mice masquerading as linesmen in Game 5, no no no. I stand before you today to bring up a larger, more widespread issue in the world of professional sports.

Why is it against the rules to criticize your respective leagues officiating?

I’ve never understood it. It’s almost like the league is coming right out like “Hey, guys…listen…we know we’re gonna suck. A lot. But don’t be too hard on us okay? It’ll hurt our feelings and we’ll have to fine you thousands upon thousands of dollars.” I get that it’s meant to keep things respectful and keep teams from being overly harsh and blah blah blah, but my solution to that would be to toughen the F up. You can’t handle a few harsh comments? Really?

If a coach or player feels like they were robbed or a call was missed, why can’t they vocalize that without fear of death? When the refs in the Chiefs/Patriots game a few years ago called N’Keal Harry out of bounds when he was clearly in bounds, they deserved to be crucified for that. But players had to hold back their criticism because big bad Goodell would’ve got his feelings hurt and fined the Pats an unspeakable amount. 

When a player messes up or a coach bumbles a call, they get crucified to no end. Why do we treat the zebras any differently? Because their “job is weally weally hawd”…? Piss off. You wanted the job, you have the job, now do the damn job! CORRECTLY! And if you mess up, guess what, you’re going to get shit for it just like every other human being on this Earth does who is employed. 

Referees and umpires need to be coddled like tiny children apparently, so this is just the way the world works. All I know is that if I had a coach who stuck up for us and called out some dogshit officiating, he wouldn’t be paying a CENT of that fine. And I have no doubt that’s probably what’s going to happen with the Bruins and Cassidy.

Whatever. Fuck em. Bruins in 7.

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