Logan Paul Won

Floyd Mayweather is the most famous boxer alive today. Undefeated at 50 – 0 (27 KO’s) with 15 major world titles under his belt to go along with 3 Golden Gloves and an Olympic Bronze medal, Mayweather’s celebrity cannot be ignored. Love him. Hate him. It doesn’t really matter. He may very well go down in history as the second most recognizable figure in professional boxing behind only Ali. 

Logan Paul is a YouTuber turned pseudo-semi-pro boxer. The accolades start and end there. THAT is the guy who built himself and his brand up to get on the radar of the GOAT boxer of his generation and have him agree to go 8 (bullshit) rounds on a PPV. Do you understand how bananas that is? I don’t care if it was an exhibition bout. Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is a real thing in the history books now. And people still scoff at the opinion that Logan Paul came out of the night as the real winner?

Listen, this isn’t Mayweather coming out of retirement to go against an old-timer or a UFC fighter-turned boxer. This isn’t an up and coming hotshot in the sport. This is a fucking content creator who can throw hands. Do you not see how monumental this was for Paul?

Can’t even hate on Mayweather for doing this either. It’s about money. Floyd reportedly got $5 mil guaranteed and 50% of all PPV sales. Shit, I’d do it too if I were him. FWIW Paul got $200k and 5% of PPV sales…

And I’m not trying to shit on Logan either. The guy actually takes his new craft pretty seriously and should be commended for it. He can legitimately fight. But is he on the level of Mayweather? Never. But guess what? They still stepped in the squared circle together Sunday and went toe-to-toe.

I understand that many of you let your hate cloud your judgement when it comes to Logan Paul. And don’t get me wrong, he’s earned it. He came up during peak “young content creators doing whatever they can to create content” time and guess what? He messed up. A fair amount. But just like he’s earned the disdain he gets, he’s also earned a chance for a slight character rejuvenation. I mean, he’s not even the worst Paul brother anymore…

And while I get Logan Paul isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, are we forgetting that Mayweather is kind of a piece of shit for all his incidents outside the ring? Paul was an inconsiderate little shit, Mayweather is an abusive, arrogant prick. Let’s put things in perspective before we pick sides, yeah?

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. The point is that Logan Paul ultimately got exactly what he wanted Sunday night. I’m not even sure winning or losing was that important to him. He got more exposure and eyes on him last night than anything he’s ever done in the past combined. He knows exactly what he’s doing which is what got him to this spot in the first place. 

The possibilities are endless for him now. He’s already been to the top of the mountain so to speak. Any other fight he takes or makes is going to be punching down (pun intended) in his eyes. When you finally catch a Great White Shark, everything else after that is going to seem like minnows. 

So congrats to Logan Paul on growing your celebrity at least 13% over the weekend. Make fun of him all you want, but he won where it mattered this weekend. The guy can do literally anything he wants next and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to watch. Does Logan Paul have a name for his fans? Because I’m one of them now.

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