Kyrie Irving Is The Worst

This has been written and talked about 100 times since it happened, but as a Celtics fan, I felt the need to give my opinion on it. Kyrie Irving is a bitch. He’s a grown man who acts like a child and can’t handle when people dislike him even though he brings that on with his weird “smartest guy in the room” attitude he constantly has. No Kyrie, the Earth is NOT flat. 

Irving and the Nets have been soundly beating the breaks off the Celtics this series. Yes, I understand the Celtics won Game 3, but that win is looking more and more like an anomaly fueled by the momentum of it being the first playoff game back at the Garden in front of real life fans in over a year. A win is a win, but when the outcome of the series will never be in doubt, it takes away the joy of it. What I’m saying here is that Kyrie and his team don’t need to do any extra curricular stuff to show that they are far and away the better team in this series.

But in typical bitchass fashion, Kyrie has to do this:

Coming from the guy who, just a few days ago, said he “hoped we just keep it to basketball”, this is an odd move. What makes it even more strange is that Kyrie has no one to blame about his treatment from the Celtics fans but himself.

I will say though that, obviously, the asshole who threw a water bottle at Irving is a piece of shit. He’s been arrested and is banned from TD for life, so he got what he deserved. 

Anway, back to Nostradamus himself. While he was here the team and fans gave him every benefit of the doubt. He was touted as arguably the biggest star player to be brought to the Celtics in team history and he was treated as such by everyone in the organization and surrounding it. He clearly liked how he was treated since he did that whole “if you’ll have me” bullshit when he said he intended on signing a long term deal with Boston.

And just like everything else that comes out of Kyrie’s mouth, it was horseshit. And then all the subtle shots at the team and fans since he left just fuel the fire. So for Kyrie to give this “holier than thou” attitude is laughable. Don’t play the victim when you caused this shitstorm yourself. You’re the definition of a spineless, diva basketball player and you’re just upset that people call you out for it. 

But back to the logo stomp. Bitchmade. Absolutely bitchmade. Kyrie, the fans hate you because of YOUR actions. YOU started this. You have no ground to stand on to carry this grudge against the team/fans. Especially when you’re too afraid to play in the Garden in front of fans most of the time anyway. 

I would almost respect this move if he did it before the game or during, when both teams were still on the court, but he waited until after to do it. Why? Because he’s weak. He’s a fraud. He’s the guy who starts a fight then hides behind his friends telling “YO HOLD ME BACK, HOLD ME BACK!” He’s the keyboard warrior who talks all sorts of shit behind a keyboard but is crickets in your face. Which makes sense considering his teammate is Kevin Durant.

At the end of the day it means nothing though. The Nets are going to win this series, Kyrie will continue to call Boston racist every chance he gets so people feel bad for him when he gets booed out off the court and Celtics fans will continue to carry their vendetta against this arrogant shit. End this series so I don’t have to deal with Kyrie anymore, please.

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