It’s Inevitable: Julio Jones Will Be A Patriot

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And where there’s fire there’s flames. But allow me to update that phrase for a moment and bring it into 2021: Where there’s tweets, there’s validity. 

Julio Jones has been rumored to go to the Patriots before the 2020 season even ended, but that rumor has picked up more steam than the Hogwarts Express in the last couple weeks and we’re showing no signs of stopping! 

First of all, why the dots Ben!? WHY THE DOTS!? WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT WE DON’T!? That is written like someone that knows something is/has gone down, but can’t say anything yet or can’t confirm it so won’t speak on it.

But, lucky for us, there are people out there that are willing to tweet something the second they hear it!

Me reading these tweets and seeing the growing groundswell of “reports” and rumors that a deal has indeed been struck between New England and Atlanta:

I have no idea what the credibility level of these people are. They could be Tommy and Billy (WandaVision fans stand up!) down the street who managed to hack into someone’s twitter and stir the NFL pot some more. It could just be some people wanting to be “the first source” who called ‘Julio to New England’ so they can quote retweet the eventual Schefter tweet and say “I had this scoop back in May but no one believed me! Subscribe to my podcast!”. Hell, speaking of Adam Schefter, this could be the man himself leaking some info to random sources and making them swear under the threat of death to not give away where they heard it. Who knows!

But…I’m here to tell you all that…against all logic and reason, no matter how many stories these people have gotten wrong or right in the past…I AM ALL IN! Julio is coming to the Pats. It makes too much god damn sense!

I mean, can you argue with THIS?

But the tweet that REALLY got my Jones Juices jumping was this puppy:

There are two reasons Vegas would remove this prop bet: 1. Too many people were betting that the Pats would actually land Jones which would cause them to lose money if it actually hit or 2. A deal has been struck and they got wind of it so they had to shut it down.

I’m going all in on the latter!

The Patriots were rumored to still be looking to add a veteran receiver earlier this offseason. In fact, they were in on AJ Green before he went to Arizona. They Patriots have about $15 mil in cap space so they can easily rework Jones’ contract to fit under that. Julio wants to play with Cam Newton…who just so happens to be on the Patriots. Belichick, who has gone all in this offseason to revamp his team on the fly, loves the guy.


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