It’s 2021 And We’re Still Talking About Spygate

Unlike almost every other writer or reporter who has taken to their respective media outlets today to eviscerate Seth WickerSHAM and his pointless “Spygate: Political Conspiracy” article, I am not surprised one bit that we are still talking about an almost two decade old scandal. What do you expect? The New England Patriots run, not only the NFL world, but the entire coutry whenever they choose to. Remember DeflateGate? That thing almost went to the freaking Supreme Court and a good amount of people were all for it! With an overflowing cache of real world problems to deal with, the vast majority of Americans wanted to see a quarterback take his league to the highest of judgement over…balls. Fucking barely deflated footballs.

But we’re not here to talk about that media contrived, narrative driven horeshit. Instead, we’re here to talk about THIS media contrived, narrative driven horseshit. The ONLY legitimate “scandal” in Patriots history that occurred FOURTEEN (14) years ago. No, I do not count Robert Kraft getting a happy ending here and there as a scandal. You can if you want. I just chalk it up to an old man who likes enjoying himself and has the money to do so. Who am I to judge? We don’t kink shame here in Sully’s Space.

Here is a link to that sad excuse of “reporting” if you want to get irrationally upset on a Wednesday…

I’m not going to go through what essentially amounts to a clickbait piece of trash. The TL;DR version is this: Trump supposedly funded Arlen Specter’s Presidential run as a good faith, wink-wink, nudge-nudge way to stop Specter from calling for a larger investigation into the Spygate fiasco. Then, after digging deeper into it, Wickersham came to the conclusion that Kraft was the one who asked Trump to intervene so this entire scandal would just go away. GASP!

Sounds juicy right? Trump. Kraft. Politics. Scandal! If there was any validity here, maybe. But alas, this is a steaming pile of Goodell shit. Wickersham himself even writes that BOTH Trump and Kraft deny any of the above happened. Not only that, but Kraft even said that he never donated to Specter’s campaign. But Seth Wickersham is in the clickbait business so he decided to just bury those details deep in this fluff filled shallow hit piece.

Sadly though, this the norm when it comes to ‘Sham and the Patriots. I’m old enough to remember when Seth wrote my favorite Patriots hit piece of all time where he falsely laid out this giant divide between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. Remember when he claimed Brady was miffed that he never got the Patriot of the Week Award? Yeah, that award doesn’t exist. At all. But yet Seth brought that up as a focal point when detailing the marriage problems between Brady and Belichick. 

And when Belichick himself poo poo’d this crackpots first formal attempt at a smear campaign, Wickersham fought back claimed he had “dozens of sources.” Which makes no sense at all considering the Patriots are locked up like Fort Knox and barely give info to reporters they know and like. But yeah, this awkward looking putz is going to come in there and scoop up all their secrets, riiiiiiight…

Don’t get me wrong, there was very clearly some sort of disconnect between quarterback and head coach, but it was nothing like Wickersham fabricated. And it also wasn’t this crazy secretive story either. Fans and media members knew Brady and Belichick have been somewhat butting heads for a couple years so for Seth to claim he broke this crazy story is delusional.

So, that’s the type of guy we’re dealing with here. Someone who has a childlike grudge against the Patriots for no apparent reason and uses every chance he can to grind that axe. 

But like I said, I am giving no validity to that human fecal matter he shared today. Instead, I am just going to give you a quick reminder of what exactly Spygate was because it seems like there’s a lot of revisionist history happening in recent years. 


That’s it. Right there. The Patriots got caught filming a Jets practice from the wrong spot on the field. They were punished. That’s it. That’s the end.

There were no bugged locker rooms. No “Rams walkthrough” drama like Marshall Faulk likes to harp on instead of just admitting his team got beat fair and square. Nothing. The Patriots were penalized for it and the situation was done. But as I said before, the NFL’s infatuation leads to dumb shit like this. Morons like John Harbaugh believing the Patriots cut out his headset and switched it to the Patriots local radio broadcast of the game. Or that the lighthouse outside of the stadium is some sort of spying tool with someone up there using a wicked high powered camera. Or some shit like that, I don’t know.

So please, for the love of God, can Seth Wickersham crawl back under whatever rock in whatever crevasse he emerged from and for the love of GOD can the NFL season start already!?……..with Julio Jones as a Patriot!

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