Alex Ovechkin Needs To Sit In The Corner And Feel Shame

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know everything about hockey. I do not. I know the rules, I know the players and I know enough to understand what storylines are coming into whatever series I watch. Am I an expert? Not at all. I know what I need to know in order to understand the game and carry on a conversation.

But one doesn’t need to be an expert to understand that Alex Overchkin is an arrogant dink for the shit he pulled last night with Ilya Samsonov after the Caps lost to the Bruins in the second OT.

I’ve seen children ready better to losing than this clown just did. BOO THIS MAN!

How are you going to publicly embarrass your teammate like that? You think he doesn’t already feel like shit enough? Ovechkin doesn’t care though. He decides to go at the young goaltender with zero playoff experience who played outstanding and kept you in the game even though he just came back to practice Sunday after being out due to COVID restrictions.

But again, “The Great 8” doesn’t give a shit about keeping his teammates morale high.

Sidenote: Have people been calling Ovechkin “The Great 8” for a while? I have never heard it before but last night it’s all I could freaking hear the announcers say. I mean, that is when they weren’t balls deep on his shaft literally gushing over how great he is and how he’s the best goal scorer the sport has ever seen. Regardless, that shit got annoying fast. Enough of it please.

This is the type of stuff you see NBA players do, not NHL guys. We’ve all seen that commercial the NHL is airing by now that tells you how “It’s never ‘I’, its always ‘We’”, right? Ovi must not have gotten the memo about that one, eh? This was Lebron-esque and it’s embarrassing.

Any Captain worth anything would wait until you get behind closed doors, AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS, before laying into your teammate like that. That’s how you lead. Keep that shit in house, say what you need to say and then tell him to get the fuck up for Friday’s game because you’re going to need him. But again, that’s not how Ovechkin thinks. For a player that’s been in the league for so long you’d think he’d be able to maintain his composure for an extra minute before he has a childish outburst like this.

So now what happens? Does Samsonov start Friday? And if he does, which I’m sure he will, where do you think his confidence level is gonna be? I’m not saying he can’t bounce back and have a good game, but I’m just saying Ovechkin didn’t help things with his temper tantrum. Now you’re gonna get local media jumping on the side of the superstar and throw blame at Samsonov.

Do not get me wrong here though, Samsonov made the bonheadest of bonehead plays last night to end the game. You simply can NOT be this lackadaisical in the SECOND overtime of a crucial Game 3. Ya can’t do it.

Ovechkin has every right to be pissed. But like I said, do that type of stuff in the locker room instead of dragging the kid to the public square and shaming him for all the world to see. And the announcers just kind of chuckling about it makes it all even worse. They can’t even pause from using Ovechkin as their personal ball gag to admit that he’s kinda being a dick there. Can’t wait for more of that in Game 4.

We’ll see how Samsonov and the Capitals respond Friday after Taylor Hall and Craig Smith collectively tore their hearts out and ate it in front of them towards the end of Game 3. Maybe Ovechkin can use all that talent to score so it doesn’t get to a second overtime where your goalie has to stand on his head because you can’t get anything past Rask because you’re afraid of some fistacuffs.

See ya Friday night, bitchboy.

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