The NBA Needs Lebron James To Miss The Playoffs

Lebron James gots to go. You know it. I know it. It’s time we all admit it. Like the old, crispy leaves that form on New England trees, Lebrons old, crispy ass needs to fall and let new seeds bud. If Lebron is the old dog, it’s time to find the shed. Lebron’s watch has ended and it’s time for him to head north of the wall and never return. The 2021 NBA Playoffs will be a more exciting place without Lebron meandering around and that’s a fact, Jack.

But for as much as I hate on the guy, Lebron has been on an absolute tear for the last decade and it’ll likely never be seen in the sport again. I’m not too proud to admit that. I mean, look at this. Total nonsense..

Silliness. Just pure, unadulterated silliness. Love him or hate him, he is the Gatekeeper for a title ring. Granted, his 10 Finals appearances become a lot less impressive when you remember he’s lost 6 of them. And I’m old enough to remember his most recent Finals win coming during a COVID year where the season was suspended midway due to a pandemic, teams were being decimated left and right and the entire season was played in a bubble, so…you can make your own judgements about that validity of that win, but I digress.

We don’t need more of the same. Sports are fun when you have different teams, different players and different storylines going into each Championship round. Sports are NOT fun when you have one extremely unlikeable guy/team that makes it every year. That’s why people hate Tom Brady and the Patriots. That’s why the fans started to turn on the Warriors. How do you think the Yankees became the most hated MLB franchise before the Astros started banging trash cans? Monotony is boring and the NBA playoffs have become almost a formality to watch. It’s the same teams every year with the same horrific officiating and it’s hurting the product.

Which brings me to my next counterpoint because I know it’s coming: Don’t come at me with “Lebron brings ratings” argument when the entire league has been down and is continuing to plummet. Sure, Bronny may give the Finals a slight bump, but will it matter? The average viewership for the Finals last year was 7.45 million viewers. Sounds great right? Until you realize that the year prior it was at 15.14 million. And the year before that it was at 17.56 million. And the year before THAT it was at 20.38 million. You see the pattern?

One would have thought that with the entire world being so damn dreary last year that people would’ve been drawn to any live sport like moths to a flame, but that didn’t happen whatsoever. So either the flame wasn’t bright enough or the moth doesn’t care about it anymore. Or maybe a bit of both. So don’t give me viewership as a reason that Lebron needs to make the playoffs.

Picture the Titanic for a second. Jack knew if he tried to climb up on that slab of wood with Rose, they would sink and she would die. So he did the heroic thing and let go. Sure it’s sad, but Rose was better off for it because she got to live. Lebron is Jack and the NBA is Rose. And guess what Lebron? It’s time to let go. Lebron has always wanted to be the good guy, don’t let his assholeness fool you. He can’t handle being the bad guy. So now is his chance. Just let go and sink, please.

We need new blood. New life. With budding stars littered all over the place, it’s time for Old Man Bron to get the hell off his False Throne. No one wants to watch him make it to another Finals he’ll likely lose and then blame his superstar teammate or the “egregious, violent” injury he suffered earlier in the season..

And not a single human on this Earth, other than Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, wants to deal with the “Lebron vs Jordan” argument anymore, which is what another Finals win will continue to stir up. The debate has been a farce for a while now and no matter how much Nick Wright wants to wax poetically about how Lebron is clearly better, it’ll never be reality.

Lebron getting bounced in this play-in game would spark so much interest as to who is going to win it all in the end. No longer will it just be what team from the East get’s to go up against the LA Lebrons. It’ll give us a fresh, new matchup in a time where “fresh” and “new” is what this sport is quite literally dying for. So if Lebron really wants to be liked, if he really wants to be the good guy, he’ll accept the universal truth that he needs to lose against the Warriors. Hell, he can even turn this into a nice little “revenge tour” storyline next year if he wants.

So, to wrap it up, I’ll end this blog how I started it: Lebron James gots to go.

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