Spider-Man/MCU Easter Eggs In The Venom: Let There Be Carnage Trailer!?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is going to be released in theaters in four months. FOUR MONTHS away and we just got the first actual trailer for the thing. How does this happen? Especially when the movie was originally supposed to come out LAST OCTOBER? You’re telling me you didn’t have a trailer ready to go for the better part of a year? Ugh. Who knows, that’s just how Sony runs things I guess. (Please just give all the rights back to Marvel. You’re taking characters and half-assing them when Feige could be whole-assing them in all their glory. Ugh)

Anyway, after a seemingly never ending wait, the trailer is here. And it’s good!

And I gotta say, Carnage looks as good as I thought he could look in this universe with this type of CGI like they used in the first movie. They really did nail the optics…I just hope they get the voice down too.

But apart from seeing Celtus Kasady in his serial killer glory running around as a red symbiote, the question on everyone’s minds was if a certain web-slinger was going to appear in this one. Apparently there were rumors that he would show up in the trailer, but that didn’t happen. I’m talking about Spider-Man by the way. But that’d be the dumbest decision Sony ever made if he had a quick cameo here. Why ruin your MASSIVE WORLDS COLLIDING surprise in a trailer? That’d be like Marvel showing Tony Stark with the Gauntlet on in their promos for Endgame. Dumb.

But what we DID get were two very interesting hints that there is at least some sort of world building going on. Is it multiversal world building? Who knows. In fact, it may not even be within the cinematic universe that we THINK it was going to be in. Let’s start with the most realistic one.

The Daily Bugle is a linchpin of Spider-Man comics and mythos. Not only does J Jonah Jameson work there, but Peter Parker eventually gets a job there as well. And while the MCU Peter Parker hasn’t begun his career there yet, the OG Spidey, Tobey McGruire, did. And it’s funny because that newspaper looks EXACTLY like the Bugle papers from those Sam Rami Spider-Man movies.

But while that would be a truly amazing twist, I doubt that’s what we’re seeing here. Sony is likely just using the same design they used before because they have it. And it’s no secret McGuire doesn’t really care to reprise his role as Parker which is why all your typical Marvel News outlets are having trouble confirming if he’s actually going to appear in No Way Home or not. But at the same time, it could work! Maybe McGuire’s Spider-Man retired the mask after getting too old and that’s why there’s no mention of Spider-Man in these Venom movies. Maybe McGuire has a multiverse spider sense to help Holland’s version in No Way Home and that’s how we finally lead to the MCU/Venom crossover as well. Honestly anything is possible. Even Kevin Feige said that Spider-Man is the one character who can dip his toe into different universes.

While introducing the Bugle is an awesome easter egg, it doesn’t necessarily prove anything other than a nod to Spider-Man by Sony or just the fact that they needed to give Eddie Brock another place to work, so why not use a well known Marvel name to do so. It’s what’s on the inside of the newspaper that could be a real record scratch moment for Marvel fans.

Hmmmm, what word ends with “-engers” that Marvel fans would know? Personally, I think the headline reads something about “Scavengers” being “caught” doing something, but I’ll let my mind wander for a bit here. This could very easily be saying something about the “Avengers” and with the third Spider-Man movie already confirming it’ll be involving the multiverse, this potential easter egg is going to have Spidey fans breathing very, very heavily today.

How would they fit it into this universe? Who knows. There’s no way they can retcon Venom to be IN the MCU and if there were an Avengers in THIS cinematic universe, it would’ve been mentioned in the first Venom. But again, I’ll let my mind wander and assume there’s some master plan and this isn’t just Sony hinting at MCU properties as a way to hopefully bring everyone together.

Easter eggs aside, I’m excited for this movie. The first Venom was entertaining and this one looks to be as well. It’ll be cool seeing our first live-action version of Carnage as well. Sony won’t be able to lean into the hard R version of him, but I still think they’ll pull it off. And if we get a Spider-Man cameo? Great. If not, who cares.

P.S. I’m not crying, you’re crying..

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