Lebron James Is Upset About A Rule That Lebron James Was In Favor Of

When the Book of Bron is done being written, it’ll no doubt be littered with career records, milestones and personal achievements. But when that ink dries, there’ll also be a healthy chapter outlining all the reasons Queen King James came off as unlikeable at almost every turn during his HOF career.

This will be another paragraph in that chapter.

When the going gets tough, Lebron gets pissy. In this case, he criticizes a rule that he once was all for. Why the sudden change of heart you ask? Because his team may face the downside of the rule that, once again, HE WAS IN FAVOR OF LAST YEAR. The Lakers are currently in the 6th seed, ahead of Portland. I understand both Lebron and Davis have missed time this year, but let’s not act like Lebrons team is the only one who faced injuries this year. The injury excuse is so played out it’s sickening. If the Lakers are half the team they act like they are, they should be able to hold off Portland and stay out of the play-in game.

I don’t know, maybe all that wine is messing with Bron’s memory. As we all know, alcohol is known to do that, so with Lebron’s not so hidden obsession with wine, who knows what the side effects could be. But he has to know he looks like a whining little baby right? Complaining about something you were originally fine with now that the tables have turned is not a good look for the False King.

But let’s get one thing straight: play-in games are awesome. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve binge watched 3 seasons of The Challenge in the last week and a half, but something about a do-or-die game gets the blood pumping. I love it. Reminds me of CT and Bananas back to back while CT power stomps his way to victory.

If anything we should make it MORE like The Challenge. Let’s have every other team who isn’t eligible for the play-in games nominate which teams they want to see in said play-in games, and then have the best team in the league ultimately decide their fate. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound awesome. Rivalries will be renewed while other vendettas will be started. I LOVE THE CHAOS!

But back to reality. If Lebron is seriously worried about his team being forced to go into a play-in games, I have a very simple solution: win. Just win the games you need to in order to stay out of that horrid situation that you once voted for. If you want to be a little crybaby about that situation, don’t let yourself get into the situation to begin with. It’s that simple. 

This is why no one likes you Lebron.

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