The Mac Jones Era Has Begun


LETS GOOOOO BABY!!!! I am elated. I am overjoyed. I am jubilant. I am straight up giddy right now. And you should be too, Patriots fan reading this. Mac Jones is a New England Patriot and the Dynasty is BACK ON BABAAAY!

Yes, I know that Justin Fields was the apple of Pats fans eyes, but want to know something crazy? Do you know who the first apple was? MAC JONES! He was the MACintosh apple of our eyes, if you will. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wanted this guy on our team. Fans loved him. Media loved him. And then all of the sudden the Niners traded up to 3 and we all just moved onto Fields. Which made sense, considering all signs were pointing to Jones being in San Fran, but that turned out to be the biggest smokescreen in recent history. 

Justin Fields is going to be a tremendous pro. That much is basically certain. But you know who else is going to be a great quarterback? The most accurate QB in the draft who is nearing pro-level at reading defenses and making the right decision. I understand that Fields is the more flashy, fun QB to watch, but you know what else is fun? Winning. Winning is pretty damn fun. And Jones is going to help the Pats do just that. Win. 

He already has a winning strut!

And a body that reminds many of another certain QB who was drafted by the Patriots eons ago. I just can’t put my finger on it…hmmm…who am I thinking of…

Obviously he is no Tom Brady and never will be, I’m just making a small comparison and saying that what someone’s body looks like on draft day has zero to do with how good they can be as a professional QB. And the comparisons to Tom Brady need to stop by the way. Saying Mac Jones is not Tom Brady means nothing. No one is Tom Brady. No one is trying to be Tom Brady.

The one thing you keep hearing about Jones is how accurate he is. Especially deeper down the field which, if I remember correctly, was something that Pats fans were crucifying Cam Newton for sucking at last season. They now have a guy who can actually get the ball out to his receivers for first downs.

The bottom line is that the Patriots got their guy and they didn’t have to give up ANY picks to do so. What more could you ask for? Everything I have seen and read tells me that this guy is the PERFECT fit for the Patriots. So excuse me if I don’t listen to butthurt fans or the braindead local talk shows hosts who think that this pick sucks or that the Patriots reached.

People who actually take the time to look at the pick or actually know what they’re talking about are saying the exact opposite so I think I’ll go with them instead, thank you very much. As opposed to people who just hate what Belichick does now ever since the Brady divorce.

The other little nugget that makes me even more confident about this pick is where Jones is coming from. Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are two peas in a pod. Two super intelligent NFL information hoarding robots who know what it takes to win at a high level. So if Saban gave Bill the “go ahead” on this one, I’m even more all in.

And with that, the first night of the draft is in the books, and the Patriots Dynasty 2.0 has its leader. I said it before, but winter is coming. And the King in the North remembers everything the NFL world said about his and his House. So all I can say is batten down the hatches and hope that he spares your life. See ya in September.

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