Aaron Boone Is A Victim Of Bullying

The Yankees suck. Like, they are actually really bad. This isn’t just a Red Sox fan drunkenly talking shit. The New York Yankees statistically, metaphorically, spiritually, emotionally, whatever other “-lly”, suuuuuuuck.

But when a team like the Yankees, a respected franchise, find themselves down in the dumps, they should respond with the intestinal fortitude to pull themselves from their wreck of a season and string some wins together, right? OR..their pansy coach can claim he’s getting bullied when he got throw out of a game, I guess that works too..

What was the play in questions by the way? Aaron Judge got tagged out trying to make it to third on a line drive to the outfield.

A play that happens all the time. But the fact that Judge was called out isn’t what ruffled Aaron’s feathers. Boone thought the runner crossed the plate before Judge got tagged out. Ya win some ya lose some, but Aaron Boone, a grown man, was not about to act like an adult about this. Oh no no!

I don’t care if Booney came bumbling out of the dugout like a one man wrecking crew. I do not care if this poor ump was just trying to make it through the game so he could get SAFELY back to his family. When Aaron Boone wants a run on the board, you must hear him out. Thems the rules boys. If anything, it should have been the ump that got tossed! How dare they make a bang bang call that goes against the hallowed New York Yankees.

And so the Yankees, as expected, lost the game and sunk further into irrelevancy in the AL East this season while they’re hated rivals, the Red Sox, sit atop the division. Gone are the days of Boone calling his team “savages” at the plate. We’re in the era where if a call doesn’t go your way and you get thrown out for throwing a fit, it’s considered bullying. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

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