Has The SnyderVerse Universe Gotten Out Of Hand?

Let me start this off by saying I backed #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. It took a while for me to get there because the fans behind the movement make it difficult to be on their side sometimes, but better late than never. With each preview and clip and behind the scenes picture, my excitement grew. Then I dove into the entire hooplah being the Whedon Cut and how that all went down and it became impossible for me NOT to stand behind Snyder and his vision. 

And the movie was really good. Overstuffed? Maybe a little bit, but I blame the studio for that. Forcing a Justice League movie where you have to try to introduce MAJOR characters while also keeping a coherent storyline is tough. But Snyder did the best he could and it was awesome.

Then came the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse movement. And while I can’t say I’m behind this one as much as I was the Snyder Cut phenomenon because I think you all are taking it WAY too far, I’d like to see that happen. If only for the fact that it could bring me Batman vs Deathstroke, more Knightmare sequences, a correct version of Lex Luthor and Darkseid ominously giving orders among other things. But while at its core, the SnyderVerse movement is good, it’s turning into something toxic.

What started as a fandom’s outcry to see Snyders vision realized after he tragically had to bow out due to the passing of his daughter, has turned into a pitchfork wielding crowd of spoiled brats whining that they aren’t getting their way. So much so that you’ve latched on to another blockbuster movie, Godzilla vs Kong, like a disease by spamming negative reviews everywhere.

What was the point of this? Everyone knows you want the Snyder Verse. Why do you have to impact another directors’ art for no reason? Because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re fighting for anyway, right? For Snyder’s FULL vision to be realized. So why would you attack another director’s vision that has zero to do with your “cause’ all because you aren’t getting your way? That’s called being a hypocrite. THAT is why people don’t like this entire movement.

But don’t you dare criticize or disagree with the mob because apparently their skin is thinner than Martian Manhunters when he’s exposed to fire. There’s more but these were solely from yesterday.

I disagreed with this person calling James Gunn, “Pedo” Gunn. In fact, I said: “Pedo” Gunn hahahah man what a trash fanbase you guys are turning DC into. Sad.

I LITERALLY just retweeted one of his tweets going: “Ugh”….we’re talking Charmin toilet paper soft skin here people.

But back to my comment about this entire Snyder movement being about directors visions finally being realized. Maybe that isn’t what this is about anymore. Maybe it’s about a crazed fandom that saw they can force their way into getting what they want once, so why not keep trying? If a child doesn’t get a toy, cries like a maniac and the parent ends up buying them the toy, why wouldn’t they do that every time? Give an inch, take a mile. That is the optics of what’s happening here. It’s turned into this weird mob with a cult-like mentality.

You all clamored for the #SnyderCut to be released and, against all odds, it finally made its way to your screens. And not only that, but it was a FOUR HOUR LONG ode to the characters involved and the fans. It was everything you could have wanted and more! It gave you teases, cameos and fleshed out story arcs. Shit, you even got a black and white version.

But that isn’t enough, is it?

NOW you want the studio to somehow shoehorn in multiple Snyder movies on top of the plethora of films they are already planning and developing. NOW you want to talk shit about those future movies coming out because they’re not a part of the SnyderVerse. NOW you want to start this #ReleaseTheAyerCut when it comes to Suicide Squad…when the studio is LITERALLY coming out with another Suicide Squad as we speak, helmed by James Gunn. AND IT LOOKS AWESOME!

But since it’s not what you petulant fans want, you whine online and criticize Gunn and the studio unfairly while not even giving that film a chance. That makes you look like children. You got what you wanted. You won! But instead of just being happy that you finally broke the will of an entire studio (which is to be commended by the way) you just keep asking for more. Why would the studio bend over backwards AGAIN to appease their “fans” when they did that before and it clearly didn’t satisfy you heathens. You’re no longer crying out for a director’s vision to be realized. You’re just seeing how far you can push a movie studio to do what YOU want.

Don’t get me wrong though, the studio is not in the right here. They never should’ve exiled Snyder like they did or allowed the horrendous Whedon changes to be done. The tone deafness of the higher ups at Warner Brothers is astounding. They messed up big time here. But, regardless of how or why it happened, they admitted their mistake by allowing Zack Snyder to finish his Justice League. But it’s tough to blame an entire movie studio for not continuing to allow fans to bully them into making movies they want. That’s a dangerous precedent to set. They did it once, but it made sense in that case. That’s not what’s happening anymore. 

Speaking of Snyder though, he’s not without blame here either. And I don’t mean blame as a bad thing necessarily. This man knew what he was doing by adding Martian Manhunter, throwing in that amazing Knightmare sequence or by going on a press circuit afterwards talking about all the big plans he had for his future movies. He knows he has his fandom at a fever pitch and he, just like his fans, realized that if you put enough pressure on a studio, they may end up doing what you want. But the difference is that he is fighting for his own vision in a way that directors and studios do all the time. The fans have turned this into a “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” thing. 

And that’s just wrong. Not to compare Marvel to DC here, but you don’t see Marvel fans starting harassing movements to get their way. You don’t see fans of any other major movie or show creating this toxic environment in order to get their way. Are there movements created in order to hopefully get directors or actors their due? Of course. But I have never seen one this combative and carry such a bully mentality.

That is the crux of the issue with this entire SnyderVerse thing. It’s no longer just fans wanting to see the original Justice League Snyder had in mind. Now it’s turned into the social media equivalent of someone crying that they aren’t getting their way…even though they got what they initially wanted. So keep tweeting your hashtags and spamming other movies, be the villain everyone wants you to be. These movies better be worth it. 

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