Volcanoes Are Just So Damn Cool

A lot of people may not know this about me, but I’m a BIG volcano guy. They’re so freaking cool. The fact that the Earth just…explodes from time to time out of a giant, fiery pimple in the ground is fascinating. Not to mention that if one of these MEGA volcanoes decides to blow up, it could literally end our existence as we know it. I love a good apocalyptic scenario.

And while this isn’t quite that big of an explosion, it’s still pretty damn fun to see.

Volcanoes are one of those things we learned WAY too much about in school in comparison to how important they’d be in our day to day life. Just like quicksand, different types of clouds and the Bermuda Triangle, we all have this “wealth” of knowledge about something that we may literally never have to deal with in our entire life.

Tell me this, when have you in your travels, had to recall back to this diagram in order to spot the secondary vent of a stratovolcano eruption?

The answer would be never. This is like Game of Thrones throwing all these little easter eggs and facts at us that we assume we’ll need as we move forward, only for them to mean nothing in the long run. Anyone my age has all these cool, interesting facts that we will never use in our lives. Save for maybe a bar trivia night or something like that. 

Or how about all the pointless tidbits we learned about lava? Or magma? I mean, I don’t really remember much of it, BUT that doesn’t change the fact that it was a multi-day topic in class. For what reason!? I seriously anticipated volcanic eruptions being much more of a factor in my life than they are. 

Oh well, maybe one day I’ll be on a trek with my friends and we’ll be on a mountain we THOUGHT was just a regular old mountain but turns out to be a super volcano and one of those random ass facts pop in my head and I save the day.

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