Belichick And The 2021 Shopping Spree

Patriots fans are a fickle bunch of hooligans. aren’t we? Call it a byproduct of being the most successful region in sports over the last 20 years or simply call it stupidity, we tend to get a little out of hand sometimes. This is one of those times.

If you are upset at Bill Belichick for how he is spending his money so far this offseason, you are a part of the problem. You are the human embodiment of “this is why we can’t have nice things”. It’s like things start to go TOO well for you nincompoops so you have to start making mountains out of molehills. Poking holes that simply are not there.

I was going to start somewhere else, but since this is fresh on my mind, take a look at this article that was written since Andrews got shipped out of town:

It’s not just the fans. The media gets in on the idiocy too!

First of all, the Patriots offensive line was ranked 4th last year. Unless they kept everyone, which we knew they weren’t going to do, of COURSE there was going to be a dip. So saying it “may not be as good as last season” isn’t as damning as you think. Even if they drop down say, 5 spots, they’re still Top 10. They are saddled with some very good, proven players with the projection of Wynn-Onwenu-Karras-Mason-Brown as the starting lineup. Every single player mentioned as had success on the Patriots, so why are we writing an article about how it may not work out?

The article is filled with “What if’s” and “Well Player X has been good, but will he still be good?”. It’s a pointless piece of writing penned by a local reporter who can’t handle things going well so he has to find something to complain about. This is why Boston media is hated by their fandom and hometown teams alike. I’m not saying you need to blindly follow Bill into the light, but worrying about an issue that isn’t even an issue yet is peak lunacy.

Then you have people complaining how “GM Bill is overpaying for these mediocre players!”, which is strange because we hear every year how Belichick refuses to pay for players…but yet, just like this year, we also hear people say he’s overpaying. Which is it? Just say he’s paying for a player YOU don’t want and move on. But it’s pretty ballsy for you to think you know better than the greatest head coach of all time with a proven track record if you ask me. 

But back to the money, why do you care? Belichick was given a budget similar to that of a Game of Thrones episode and told to go buy this team out of 7-9 mediocrity. And unlike the writers of that show, he didn’t fumble where it mattered most. Should he have saved it for a rainy day? New flash, that rainy day is here and it’s time to spend it. He filled almost every hole this team had while still having around $20 million to spend. (Depending on who you listen to that number varies a small bit. The NFL salary cap is a facade wrapped in a mystery)

How can you complain about that? Oh because of the guaranteed money he forked over? I’m sorry but if you give a shit about that, you’re missing the point. The only number fans should care about is the cap hit. And there are a total of ONE free agent potentially taking up double digits.

Signing bonuses, guaranteed money, incentives and all that have significance, but at the end of the day it comes down to how much money are they taking away from the salary cap to pay for these players. And the answer is not as much as you think.

That includes the two top available tight ends and a Pro-Bowl linebacker by the way. So tell me again, why are you complaining about money?

Like I said though, Belichick is not above reproach. He’s made his mistakes and deserves to be criticized for them. But his shopping spree this offseason is not one of those things that deserves criticism. Sure you can question why he chose Player X over Player Y, but that’s where it should end. YOU have no idea how these players are going to plug into this team and produce. YOU have no idea what his plans are or were.

I know it’s unheard of to be an optimistic fan nowadays around here, but why wouldn’t you be in this case? Belichick just checked every box he had to check coming into 2021 and still has money to sign a few more players and move up in the draft. It’s not being a “pink hat” fan to be excited/optimistic about the Patriots going into this year. But it is being a pessimistic dunce to sit there with your arms crossed questioning every move.

Sit back. Enjoy the possibilities knowing the greatest coach of all time and a team full of talented players are going into 2021 with something to prove. LFG.

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