Bill Belichick And The Unusually, Wacky, Uncharacteristically Aggressive Offseason

I. Am. Spent. I’ve take 3 cold showers so far since Monday’s Free Agency splurge and I’m still all hot am bothered.

Bill Belichick is a smart man. This we all know. But I don’t think we’ve ever characterized him as an overly aggressive man when it comes to signing players. Well, throw that out the window along with that bullshit 7-9 2020 season because things are a changin’ around here!

In case you missed the “lay it on the table”, angry mob boss persona Belichick took on once free agency started, let me refresh your memory. Piece by free agent piece.

At the time of this writing, the exact cap hit of this contract (as well as many others) hasn’t been released, but regardless, this is a BIG signing. How big? This is the most average per year money Belichick has ever spent on a pass catcher.

And he is very much so worth the money. In a position that gave you absolutely nothing of significance last season, you now have a legit threat who can block as well.

But I was told free agents wouldn’t want to come to New England without Brady there. Strange. The #2 available tight end thought otherwise.

Lets stick with the offense for a bit. Other than tight end, we can all agree receiver is a position of need correct? Belichick knew that as well..

Fun Fact: I was halfway through this blog when the bombshell of a news tory broke about Evil Mastermind Belichick snagging the #1 available tight end to go along with the #2 available tight end that he picked up in hour one of free agency. And here we are.

You remember how I said the #2 FA tight end chose to come to New England? Yeah well, looks like the #1 available guy wanted to join the party.

I was not ready for this. You were not ready for this. The NFL world was not ready for this. Belichick just went from the worst tight end room in the league, to the best. In less than 24 hours. You’ve instantly changed the offense in a throwback to the Gronk and H******** days.

Hunter Henry is very good.

Two very good tight ends to go along with a restocked receiving corps? Sign me up. Speaking of that receiving corps..

The quickest way to know you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know anything is to hear them say Agholor sucks. He does not. Did he have a rough go at times with Philly? You betchya. But Philly ruins almost every player they have recently so that’s not saying much.

If you want to let a few drops cloud your judgement, be my guest. But you must hate Edelman then too, right? Since 2018 Jules has 24 drops. Agholor? 12. So pipe down with the drops criticism.

Myself on the other hand? I prefer to see THIS side of Agholor:

Plus, it’s nice to know Carr’s passer rating was 100.5 when targeting Agholor. And he was second in the league with 6 TD’s of 20+ yards. This offense needs that. And don’t give me shit about his contract either. It’s a base salary of $11 mil with $2 mil worth of incentives. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And with Jason Kendrick Bourne, the Pats are getting a big, quick, young receiver who can run after the catch.

Oh and again, I saw people bitching about his contract. His cap hit is just over $3 mil. You gonna complain about that?

As of right now, that’s what we’re looking at on the offensive side of things. I’m sure there’ll be another receiver added either by way of FA or the draft, but we’ll see. Regardless, it’s tough not to be optimistic about this mew revamped offense of Henry, Smith, Edelman, Agholor, Bourne and Meyers.

But that offensive blitzkrieg wasn’t the end. Oh no no. Championships are won with defense, right? That’s the saying? And if we’re in the trust tree here..the Patriots defense last season, excuse my language, fucking blew chunks. While the entire unit eventually fell ill to the suckiness that was spreading through the team, the run defense was strikingly bad. I’m talking the last season of Game of Thrones type of a let down.

So what does one do when you have holes to fill on defense and enough money to purchase anyone you want? You go to work.

In an off-season where you’re likely going to lose your best front line defender in Adam Butler, you go out and get two defensive lineman who can stop the run, sign a great pass rusher who can also stop the run (not to mention you sign him away from one of your rivals) and bring back a run stopping nose tackle you got last year but couldn’t utilize due to concussions? Yeah, I’d say that’d pretty damn good.

Oh and while we’re at it, why not bring back one of your promising front seven defenders in Deatrich Wise Jr. OH and also bring in a hybrid secondary defender who you can plug in at almost any position of need throughout the year. Thus giving you more impactful depth at a position you needed some.

Listen, Patriots fans, enjoy this. Don’t think about how much money is being spent. For starters, why have all this money if you’re not going to spend it on what you need? And secondly, we don’t even know the cap hit of the majority of these players! If you’ve trusted Belichick for the last 20+ years, there’s no reason to stop now.

So just sit back in your free agency spoils and watch the NFL world try to twist their minds into a pretzel in an attempt to criticize what’s going on in Foxboro..

I think this is just fear manifesting itself here. The league is starting to realize that they pissed off the greatest coach of all time during an off-season where he had $65 million to build a battering ram of a team to shove up all the haters asses.

Oh, and they’re not done..

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