Superman Is Back In Foxboro

I wanted to wait until we got the actual contract details before writing this and I’m glad I did. Because unlike the “professionals” around this region, I didn’t want to overreact about that horrifying $14 million number. Well, I wanted to, but I held back from it. Reason being, you’d have to be a moron to think this deal wasn’t going to be incentive laden as hell.

But yet that would require common sense which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, isn’t a trait that many people use when speaking about the Patriots. You have people who are supposed to be somewhat smart and be able to think for themselves freaking out as if there’d be no team assurances in this deal..


Incentive: a payment or concession to stimulate greater output or investment.

Well would ya look at that. A deal similar to last year’s deal Cam got with the Pats. Who would’ve thunk!? Wow. Basically for Newton to get his full number the Patriots are going to have to be really, REALLY good. Super worthy, even. And if that’s the case, I am more than happy with shelling out $14 mil.

Cam Newton is the 31st highest paid QB in the league. He’s being paid less than what you’d have to pay for Mariota, Fitzpatrick, Winston or any other available QB the team could’ve got. His teammates seem ready and willing to play for him.

And he is already familiar with the system. You mean to tell me you’re upset at THAT? You can’t be. It’s a bargain. Just like he was last year, Cam is on a prove it deal. Let’s just hope this time he has an entire offseason and doesn’t catch COVID.

BUT…incentives aside, I can’t say that I’m hot and bothered over this. I just…I could do without this move if we’re being honest. But this is the situation the Pats are in. They had to make a move. With free agency a mere few weeks away, they had to solidify their QB room. Even if that solution is temporary to a degree. With a $5 million cap hit, the team really isn’t limited whatsoever to what they can do at the position. And it’s not like the $5 million is going to hurt them either. As we all know, this team has money to spare and then some this offseason.

Timing is the real issue here. Like I said, the Pats needed an actual player (Stidham is as good as useless) to point to when talking to potential free agent signees and say “Him. Right there. THAT’S the guy that will be throwing you the ball.” And say what you want about Cam, players in the league like him and like playing with him. Curtis Samuel, a name the Pats can go get, played with him for a bit in Carolina. Gotta hope that bridge is still there.

And I see the dumbass haters on Twitter saying “Oh WoW, wHaT hApPeNeD tO sIgNiNg JiMmY g HuH!?” And to that I say you clearly don’t know how trades work. It’s tough to force a team to trade a player. If the 49ers weren’t making him available yet, which reports say they weren’t, then the Patriots needed to look elsewhere. And Cam is a better choice than anyone else available to them at the moment.

All that being said though, this is the ultimate “In Belichick We Trust” I’ve ever seen (excluding the Brady divorce). There is a potential bright side: Maybe you give Cam a complete off-season, revamped receiving corps and a more established run game and who knows. Maybe he looks good. Maybe he looks a little better than good.

But that’s a lot of maybes. There’s also a potential dark side here: Maybe Cam is just cooked. Maybe he still won’t be able to make his reads properly or feel pressure coming. Maybe his arm really is shot and he’s a glorified Taysom Hill. There’s a lot of maybes here too though.

Bottom line is this: I want Cam to be good. I want him to be good so damn bad. But I can’t convince myself that he will be.

I’m not going to dive into his stats from last year. You saw it. I saw it. He sucked. The world is depressing enough right now. We don’t need to bring up the gory, soul-sucking details on the 2020 Patriots season.

So let’s pump the breaks on sharpening the pitchforks and lighting the torches to bring to Foxboro. Belichick can still draft a rookie QB (Trey Lance, sup?) and have a bridge year or have the rookie be good enough to win the job. If that’s the case, you do why you want with Cam and rock with the young gun.

I’ve always tried to be a glass half full kinda guy with my sports teams, so that’s where I’m at. Give me a strong run game, great defense and a QB who remembers how to play the position and I think this may be okay. They can’t be worse than last year right?

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