Teams Are Calling The Patriots About N’Keal Harry…Wait Really?

The answer is yes. It does not matter what offer is thrown at you on the other end of the phone Bill. Third rounder? Yep. 4th rounder? Sure! 5th for next year? Sign me up! The answer is “yes and how quick do you want him there?” I know there are Harry supporters out there, but I certainly am not one of them anymore.

N’Keal Harry has been a lightning rod in his short 2 year stint here with New England. After an injury-riddled first season where he only caught 12 balls for 105 yards and 2 touchdowns, many fans, like myself, wanted to see what a full, healthy year could turn the FIRST round pick into. But instead, what we saw was a player built like DK Metcalf play like he’s the size of Danny Woodhead.

He was wildly underwhelming last year tallying up only 33 catches for 309 yards and two TD’s. Can a fair amount of that be blamed on sub-par quarterback play? You betchya. But I’m also not gonna outsmart myself here. Harry has been a disappointment. With really no other viable receiving options, you’re telling me Harry couldn’t shine even a little bit? Being pushed to the backburner for guys like Meyers and Byrd (not a slight on them, more of a criticism of Harry) you’d think that’d light a fire under your ass. 

Instead, we got your typical “diva receiver” behavior.

When you’re messing up routes, being benched for an undrafted receiver and getting stood up by guys half your size, it’s not smart to chirp your own fanbase. Sidenote: I always find it funny when players acknowledge the “noise” when they’re sucking, but yet turn around in an interview and say they DON’T hear said noise. It’s a funny little paradox.

My real question isn’t if the Patriots would make this move, but what braindead team would call and actively ask if he’s available!? They must be under the same spell Belichick was under seeing the “size and potential” in Harry before realizing that potential means shit if you’re incapable of living up to it.

So if the Bengals, Jets, Jaguars or any other desperate team calls and offers a pick for Harry, you have to take that. It’s in the best interest of both you and the player at this point. He’s burned his bridge with the fanbase here. If he starts the season quiet or drops a ball here and there, he’s going to be booed out of the building. A change of scenery is what’s needed.

Oh, and I didn’t forget Edelman’s comments praising Meyers that very easily could’ve been a subtle shot at Harry..

“It’s crazy to see a lot of these guys that come into the locker room these days with a sense of entitlement…”

“If he falls, he hits rocks. He doesn’t hit pillows like someone who was drafted in a higher class.”

He then talks about how he wants to pass knowledge into Meyers. Didn’t mention Harry once. Could have. Didn’t. You tell me if it’s mean anything..

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