James Cameron Is Re-Releasing Avatar Like A Butthurt Little Boy To Try To Topple Endgame

Allow me to set the scene here…Fuck James Cameron.

It’s important for me to start the blog this way so you know the tone and where I’m going with this. That god damn son of a BITCH is back on his bullshit..

Who wants this James? WHO!? TELL ME JIM! WHO!?!?

I have not met one single person in my 29 years in existence who gives a shit about Avatar. You know what everyone remembers? The big blue aliens sex it up by plugging their ponytails together. THAT’S IT! That’s your legacy Jimmy boy. Giant blue aliens hair-fucking…and Titanic. That’s it. And those 2 or 3 Avatar sequels you’re churning out that no one asked for.

Why is this happening? Has China been clamouring for some more Avatar in their collective lives? Are they in desperate need of that tree of life thing to grace their screens again? Do they just love the storyline ripped right from Pocahontas? WHAT IS THE REASON!?

This just sucks. Because you know what’s going to happen. This movie is going to topple Avengers: Endgame and Cameron is gonna do a victory lap on Twitter and post some dumbass picture of one of his blue aliens snapping away Endgame or something. I want none of it.

He thought he could just slide this out there during a PANDEMIC and no one would notice? Nah James, we’re onto you and your games. So enjoy your soon to be short lived regaining of the top spot. But rest assured you narcissistic douche, Marvel is coming for that ass. Wait until they re-release Endgame a few years down the line before the next big Avengers movie.

Marvel is inevitable…you selfish prick.

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