Is Gilmore For OBJ A Real Possibility?

I don’t remember a time where the aura around the Patriots has been this…strange? Discombobulated? Upside Down? Pick the adjective you want, but it’s been a weird time at 1 Patriot Way.

Granted, I’m only 29, so I’m dealing with a small-ish sample size, but you understand what I’m getting at. There are questions all over the place and no real answers in sight. It’s like the beginning of WandaVision up in Foxboro. But I saw this float across the ol timeline this week with reports that Cleveland has “made calls” about Gilmore and it got me thinking..

My initial reaction was “Why?”…which then turned to “Okay, but how?”….which then changed to “Well would the Browns do it?”…which evolved into “Oh my God are we doing this!?”…which then regressed all the way back to “Yeah but..why would either team to this?”. And here I am. firmly in the camp of “Well, it’d be nice I guess..”

First off, I love the idea of getting weaponz for whatever future Super Bowl MVP is going to be under center next year, but I think we should try to figure out who said Super Bowl MVP is going to be first, no? Receivers are great but they mean diddly-shit if you have no one to throw them the ball. Ask Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson or any other elite receiver who was on teams with mediocre QB’s or offenses.

Secondly, $15,750,000. That’s the cap hit OBJ is going to be giving to any team he plays with in 2021. While the Pats are working with buku bucks this season, that feels too rich for their blood. Why not grab a FA who will no doubt be fetching less than that? You’re telling me Golladay, Jones Jr., Robinson or any other receiver that’ll be cut in the coming weeks is THAT much of a drop off from OBJ in this offense? Notice how I said in this offense. Obviously the talent level varies drastically but fit is a big thing as well.

I just feel like that money would be better spent picking up a free agent receiver or tight end. I’d love to see OBJ catching passes from Mystery QB all season and making out with kicking nets on the sideline, but I just don’t see it.

And this move is really dependent upon who Bill picks to be his quarterback moving forward. If he’s going to draft Mac Jones or whoever early, then that leaves some money to play with. But if he’s going to swing a trade for Jimmy G who, at this point, is the only current player I want under center if not a rookie, then there’s going to have to be money allocated to him. Money that won’t be there to take on the giant Beckham Jr. contract.

And lastly, why would the Browns do this? Landry is a great receiver, but I don’t think he’ll thrive as a #1 without another big name guy taking away the coverage on most plays. It just doesn’t make any sense.

HOWEVA MR. KELLERMAN, if you want to give me David Njoku and maybe a late round pick for Gilmore and like, a 7th, I’m more than happy with that.

Considering how inept our tight ends looked at playing professional football last season, I’d welcome a very talented young TE to take the reins there. Otherwise, Gilmore ain’t wearing Cleveland orange next season in my eyes.

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