Is The Hate On WandaVision Justified?

Our mini-vacation in Westview, NJ is officially over. No more witches (for now). No more mysterious townsfolk. No more Senor Scratchy. And no more theories (thankfully. I’ll get to that later).

First and foremost, the WandaVision Finale was great. It wrapped up the story the show was telling in a cool way that left the door cracked open for a bunch of possibilities going into the rest of Phase 4. It was a nice fusion of an emotional drama with a full blown MCU movie. It was awesome.

NOW, that being said, is it okay to feel…disappointed in a way? I guess so. But it’s important to understand that any feeling of disappointment should be solely aimed at yourself. If your gripe with this finale involves Mephisto, Dr. Strange, Professor X, Magneto, Grim Reaper, Reed Richards or any other character not even named in the show, then you have no ground to stand on. And I’m pretty sure this is the same fandom that gets up in arms when characters are just thrown in on the side for fan service or just cause and not given their time to shine. But yet you wanted them to just plop in Magneto for no reason? Or give you Mr. Fantastic in a half-assed introduction that we wouldn’t have seen any more of for at least a year? Makes sense.

Would it have been cool if any one of those characters showed up? Of course. As fans, did we come up with some AWESOME ways for that to happen? Damn right! But that happens when you have thousands of minds thinking about one thing. Groupthink has taken its toll on almost every show now in the social media era.

What we have to remember is that this story was already mapped out. Phase 4 already has its beginning and end in place. We’re dealing with a studio that knows where they’re going and how they’re getting there. Everyone saying that Marvel “dropped the ball” or that you know better than FREAKING MARVEL STUDIOS just because your favorite character didn’t show up is blasphemous. I mean, this was a real tweet someone put out there..

If you think you can think up a better story than Marvel, be my guest. But I’ll tell you now, you’re wrong. You have to think everything they do needs a reason. If you bring in, say, Magneto, you then have to explain who he is, why he’s here, how it fits into the story (while STILL keeping your story going in WandaVision)  and what happens to him after. Because let me tell ya, if you bring in any of the characters we all wanted, you bet your ass that fans won’t stop clamouring for them to pop back up in every movie. 

People complaining that certain things weren’t “paid off” or didn’t make sense clearly haven’t learned from the past 3 phases. This isn’t a marathon. And while at times it’s frustrating because you get your hopes up or don’t want to wait for answers, that’s not the creators fault. That’s just normal when you care about something. There is almost an endless amount of paths Feige and everyone at Marvel can choose when it comes to these characters. So of course people may want one thing and not get it. But to say it cheapens the greatness of the show or that the finale sucked because you didn’t get what you wanted is childish.

I’ve seen people complain about not fully understanding Monica’s powers or being pissed that there’s no explanation for where White Vision went or being upset Dr. Strange didn’t show up or that mutants weren’t introduced. THIS IS AN ONGOING STORY PEOPLE. That would be like getting that Thanos reveal in the post credit scene but then breaking our televisions when we didn’t get an immediate answer as to what he’s doing. It’s called long-term storytelling and it’s something Marvel is elite at.

HOWEVA, allow me to be a tad bit hypocritical for a moment…why cast Evan Peters!? Unless he’s still somehow going to turn up as Quicksilver in the future, I just don’t understand the point in such a meta joke when you are now dealing with a multiverse and characters making the jump to the MCU from other companies. It seems like a tease just for the sake of it with no payoff. They HAD to know what fans were going to think when Peters showed up. THAT is something that I think we can have an actual gripe with Marvel about. But hey, this could just be another slow burn…or it could be a nod that just didn’t land. We’ll see!

Also, if you want to say the episode seemed a bit rushed or maybe critique the effects on the Vision vs Vision fights, sure, go ahead. This episode could’ve had another 15 minutes or so and been perfect when it comes to pacing, but it wasn’t. And I don’t think that took away anything whatsoever from any enjoyment of the episode itself.

And as for the graphics, guys, remember, this is still a show. It’s not going to be QUITE as perfect looking as the movies. Everything else has looked great so far so I’m letting them slide on a tad bit of wonkiness with the Visions.

I’m not counting the “aerospace engineer” as a legitimate gripe by the way. Sure, Teyhonna Parris said she “couldn’t wait to see fans’ reaction” to the character, but that could mean two things. 1. Similar to Bettany’s comments, she wants to see fans’ faces after the little swerve or 2. The engineer still hasn’t been revealed yet. Remember, these stories don’t just end with our departure from Westview..

The big whigs over at Marvel aren’t going to tell you a character like Grim Reaper is coming by ways of showing his helmet so quickly that you have to pause and go frame by frame to see it. They’re not going to bring in Magneto or Professor X because that ruins any iteration that THEY would have with those characters. They’re not going to bring in Mephisto when they already have a character like Nightmare showing up in Doctor Strange 2.

All these nods or foreshadowing we all claimed to see were just red herrings. And that’s fine. It added to the show in the sense that it kept everyone talking about it. It’s not their fault that our theories got so wildly out of hand that the director had to come out and say he thought some fans will be “disappointed” with the finale. Do you know how shitty that is that he was forced to do that? As a creator, coming out and assuming people will be disappointed even though you did nothing wrong or to make them feel that way? Shame on us as fans. 

Marvel did exactly what they said they were going to do here. They made a touching story about Wanda and Vision that showed the impact Wanda’s losses have had on her. Thus, setting up an amazing here/villain dynamic for the rest of Phase 4. The Scarlet Witch is going to be a FORCE moving forward in the MCU.

Oh, that’s not enough? The introduced the Darkhold which, if you know about the comics, gives us a ton of possibilities moving forward…

We got a BRAND NEW superhero as well in Monica Rambeau. And yes, her powers are unexplained. THAT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE. You are not supposed to know everything about her powers because SHE doesn’t even know everything about her powers. We’ll see her in Captain Marvel 2.

We got a brand new antihero as well in Agatha Harkness. Remember her? Everyone loved the show and her a few weeks ago before this overreaction about the finale.

And we got this guy! Not sure what role he’s going to play, but that’s the fun of it!

All I’m trying to say is, don’t let YOUR baseless theories get in the way of you enjoying what a solid end to Wanda and Vision’s story this finale was. All these great things were given to us but yet all anyone can talk about is Ralph and an “ill-timed” boner joke. Come on people.

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