WandaVision Director Comments On Paul Bettany’s Comments

Coming into the final week of WandaVision, I wanted to tackle a few theories/mysteries that have turned all of our minds into a pretzel for the last few weeks. 

I had almost an entire blog written about who Mephisto may or may not be ready to go, but then I saw these comments from director Tyler Hayward Matt Shakman and had to pivot here cause uh…I think Paul Bettany was screwing with us..

Yeaaaahhhhh, this sealed the deal for me. This actor Bettany has “wanted to work with his entire life” that he created “fireworks on set” with was his damn self. You cheeky little bastard.

If Shakman would’ve answered any other way, I’d still be holding out hope, but I think this is the final nail in the coffin. The “hole” that Bettany dug himself in is the one that he (the fans) built up with this mysterious actor to be some big surprise (Sir Ian McKellen perhaps?) when in reality he’s just joking about being excited to work opposite himself.

The thing is, I’m not even mad if and when this turns out to be the case. I’m pleasantly disappointed. What an elite level troll job by Bettany here. He probably never meant to turn into what it did. You know he sat down for that interview like “Ooooohhh watch this, I’m gonna get them good this time..” Only to have it turned into the biggest wild goose chase in the show, second only to the “Where Is Waldo” game that finding Mephisto has become.

I’m shocked no one guessed this from the start considering this type of joke is right up his alley. I’m sure a bunch of you are going to be disappointed by this, but to me, it doesn’t take away from the show whatsoever. If anything, it opens up more time for other questions to be answered. And the Vision vs Anti-vision battle is going to be awesome, so at least we’ll get that.

So I’d say we can stop guessing which FOX Marvel character is going to show up (shit, I wrote an entire long ass blog about who it could be) and start focusing on some questions we’ll actually get answered now. Or just try to imagine what the HELL is going to happen in this last episode because I have zero clue.

P.S. Aerospace Engineer saves the day. Watch.

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