WandaVision Theory: Who’s Fietro?

I can’t believe there’s, sadly, only 1 (one!) episode of WandaVision left in our lives. Unless you subscribe to the “bonus episode” theory, this Friday will mark the end of arguably the most well thought out piece of content the MCU has given us since the idea of this cinematic universe was snapped into existence all the way back with Iron Man.

With the end getting closer and closer, I think we gotta dive into some theories everyone’s had from when the show started all the way up to last week’s episode. So in the days leading up to episode 9, I’m going to get into a few of these theories and the first one is arguably the one that could have the most impact on the MCU as a whole moving forward.

Who Is Pietro/Quicksilver/Fietro?:

Sometimes the easy answer is the right one. I understand in a show like WandaVision it’s tough to run with that mentality, but when it comes to a certain speedster, it holds true.

Pietro Fietro Maximoff is Quicksilver from the X-Men Universe.

I know chastising anyone who has this opinion is the cool thing to do on social media, but guys, there is no other reasonable explanation as to who this Quicksilver 2.0 is. Stop trying to act like you’re ahead of the curve or something and just look at the facts.

Agatha said that she did NOT create Pietro. He’s just her “eyes and ears” under a “crystalline possession” spell. So that leads us to believe that he, indeed, is a real boy. And Agatha says that “necromancy” with the real Pietro on another continent was a “non-starter”. Did she mean that, simply because he was on another continent, that she couldn’t get him? Or because he was dead and full of holes? I tend to think the latter. So she’d need to find another person she can control who also has the same abilities as dead Quicksilver.

Agatha most certainly has the ability to reach through universes and manipulate them to her will to help her out here. In the comics, Agatha’s powers are very much intertwined with extra-dimensional spells and tapping into the universe’s energy. What’s to say she didn’t say “Oh darn, I can’t bring real Pietro here, he’s dead as hell. I wonder if there’s another Pietro in a different universe I can snag with the same powers.” And then boom, Fietro appears.

And let’s not forget, this recast Pietro definitely has superspeed. That wasn’t magic or an illusion. The guy is Quicksilver. And I doubt Agatha would be able to replicate those powers and give them to another being. I think she’s controlling a person who actually has those powers.

Lastly, just look at it from Marvel’s point of view. Why would they cast the same exact actor to play the same character in this show without paying it off at the end? Marvel is big into giving nods to the comics and doing some fan service, sure, but this would be a cruel, meta joke that Marvel and Feige isn’t in the business of doing.

“Hey guys look at this we have Evan Peters playing this mysterious Quicksilver in a show that’s meant to lead right into a movie about the Multiverse…GOTCHYA…it means nothing! Nevermind the fact that we are bringing in Spider-Men from different cinematic universe’s. Don’t think too much into that.”

It’d be a swerve just for the sake of it. That’s just not how Marvel rolls. Sure they’ve done nods to actors/characters from years before the MCU was even a thing or callbacks to specific Marvel Comics storylines (House of M in WandaVision) but it’s always subtle. This is a right in your face, HEY LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT THIS thing that they wouldn’t do just for the sake of doing it.

Remember this quote from Jac Schaeffer about Feige regarding Evan Peters’ Quicksilver?

“He wanted to make sure there was a reason for it.”

That to me is the key phrase. Feige wants everything to be done for a reason. And something this big needs to have a reason behind it. Not just “Hey look here’s Evan Peters!” That’d be fan service just for fan service’s sake which, again, Marvel doesn’t do often, if at all.

The other issue I’m seeing people create when it comes to this theory is timing. How are they going to explain all that with only ONE episode left! Simple actually: 

Once Agatha is defeated and her hold on Fietro is relinquished, he can come to and say something along the lines of “Woah what’s going on, where’s the Professor?” and the person he’s talking to, possibly Monica Rambeau can act all confused and he can then say something like “You know..the Professor? Rolls around in a cool chair? No? You haven’t seen a blue guy? Or someone who can shoot lasers from his eyes?”

Obviously it’s not going to be word for word like that, but just a mention of his universe is enough to confirm who he is and the existence of the Multiverse. How does that play out from there? Who knows. I’m sure we’ll get answers to any and all multiverse-related questions in Doctor Strange: MULTIVERSE of Madness.

At the beginning of this I said this theory could have the biggest impact on the MCU. The reference and acknowledgement of a multiverse is pretty damn big. I know we’re getting a movie that has “Multiverse” in the title, but the first on screen introduction of a familiar character from a different universe being in the MCU is a big thing. It opens so many doors that the possibilities are endless. Different versions of characters we know. A gateway to introduce characters we hoped would show up. It just makes everything that much bigger..

There are a bunch of others theories of who knock-off Pietro could be, but the one thing that sours all those for me is the fact that Agatha has been controlling this guy all along. If he really is some demon or supervillain, I don’t think Agatha would be controlling him so easily. But that’s just my opinion. Hopefully we get some resolution Friday!

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