Who Is Paul Bettany Referring To?

For a show that only has TWO (sad) episodes left, WandaVision sure does have a bunch of answers to give us, huh?

Who started Westview in the first place? Is “Pietro” really Peter or is he a Peter-looking Pietro? What the hell has Dotty been up to? Where’s the Beekeeper at? Who’s this Luke Skywalker-esque character that’s going to pop up? Why did Wanda storm S.W.O.R.D. and steal Visions lifeless, gray corpse? Are we ever going to meet Ralph? Where is this aerospace engineer? Did Agatha eat Billy and Tommy!? WHO IS MEPHISTO!?

***Okay, that last one is sort of a fan-fueled question since the show has not mentioned his name once but, come on, there have been way too many hints for Marvel’s devil not to show up, right?***

I’m sure we will get the answers to all those questions and others as the series closes, but there’s one mystery that, in my eyes, is more intriguing than any I named: Who the hell is Paul Bettany talking about here..

Any friends of Paul out there that want to shed some light on an actor he’s always wanted to work with? No? Okay, just checking.

This has stewed in my brain ever since I heard him say this, and it made me think of a few…guidelines I suppose, that may steer us in the right direction when is comes to who this man is that Bettany is waxing so poetically about:

  • If it’s someone he “always” wanted to work with, you have to think it’s someone a bit older, no? Maybe someone Paul looked up to when he was coming up in the acting scene.
  • But if it’s not someone older, perhaps it’s someone who is also of English descent like he is.
  • Regardless of age, given Bettany’s past in drama and theatre, maybe this mysterious actor also has some experience performing in theatres as well.
  • It’s likely to be a person we’ve already seen in some sort of Marvel/Fox/Sony movie before because for them to introduce a brand new major actor/character so late into the show would be awkward timing. There’s no second season in sight for WandaVision and there’s no upcoming movie where said character could really show up again and flesh themselves out. With Dr. Strange, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man and Eternals already pretty set for what their villains/heroes are going to be, it’d feel rushed to have him involved OR it’d be weird to have the character just…not show up for over a year or so until they find a place for him again.
  • Lastly, he says they are some “intense scenes” meaning this could very well be someone who Vision is at odds with

OKAY! Now, thinking with the criteria I had in mind (you may think differently, it’s okay, this show is meant for us to have differing opinions) I really think this comes down to two options that make sense..


If OG Magneto, Sir Ian McKellen himself, makes a cameo here, I will be the visual meme of the South Park guy sitting in front of his computer covered in…you know.

For all the (deserving) shit Fox gets for their handling of the X-Men, few castings have been more spot on than McKellen as Erik Lensherr. For me, it goes RDJ and Tony Stark, Jackman as Wolverine, Reynolds as Deadpool and then this. Perfection. And while Michael Fassbender did a more than serviceable job when he got the helmet passed to him, nothing beats the original. And I think THAT is who we get here.

While McKellen and Bettany have crossed paths in The Da Vinci Code, it was hardly for more than a quick cup of coffee. They’ve never been in a scene or movie for long enough to even say more than 2 sentences to each other. And with McKellen being from the UK and having a history of theatre work, this seems right up Bettany’s alley! Oh, and he’s also KNIGHTED. You think Bettany isn’t excited to work with someone who was legitimately knighted by his Queen?

Story-wise, it can make sense. Here’s how I see it playing out:

Agatha has Scarlet Witch under her mind control, as we saw at the end of episode 7. Vision shows up, finds his wife trapped in her own mind, and tries to fight off Agatha. This becomes a little too much for our purple witch so, what does she do? Grabs a mutant who can literally control anything metal. Que Magneto. He gets ripped to this universe and, while under the control of Agatha, starts to kill Vision. BUT while this is happening, Wanda begins to realize what’s happening as Vision is screaming “WANDA!” as he’s being torn apart by Magneto. Remember, their love is the backbone of the show, so of course it’s going to come into play big time here. Wanda wakes up, overpowers Agatha, and begins to take hold of Magneto. But, since Wanda took care of Agatha, Magneto has snapped back to his normal self. He pleads with her real quick, but to no avail. Maybe Wanda says something like “I don’t care. You tried to kill my husband” A nice nod to Tony Stark in Civil War..

She then KILLS MAGNETO. Eviscerating him from existence. This would do wonders for her story arch moving forward. The higher ups at Marvel have already said that Wanda’s fight with her own morality is a big part of Phase 4, so her KILLING HER OWN FATHER would kick that off nicely. Add to it that when Vision is ultimately dying, he tells her something like “Don’t become what they want you to Wanda. Don’t be the villain.” Thus giving her a nice “devil and angel” argument within her head for many movies to come. Speaking of the devil, her dip into the darkness by murdering someone would leave her open to persuasion by none other than MEPHISTO! Her and the devil disappear at the end of the series with Wanda somewhat giving in to her darkness while the devil promises her that he’d bring her to her children.

End scene.

Professor X:

Ah yes, one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse who can get inside anyones mind and do…whatever he wants really. Sounds like someone that would come in handy, yeah?

In this case though, I could imagine either actor showing up here. James McAvoy is a supremely talented actor that anyone in the movie industry would love to work with. Especially Bettany who no doubt has seen his talent. Patrick Stewart, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky. While his name alone is one that MANY actors would want there’s next to, there’s really only one hurdle that would stop this. Stewart has said on numerous occasions that he and Jackman had a deal that they BOTH would be hanging up their respective superhero uniforms with Logan.

Now, if Feige came knocking and Stewart got Jackman’s blessing, I don’t see why this would be an issue. I know it seems strange for one actor to get anothers “”okay” to take a role, but Stewart and Jackman have a very close relationship and respect for eachother. It’s only right he’d run it by Wolvie. 

But how would it work? I’m glad you asked:

Agatha has turned babyface and is now on the side of the good guys. BUT, what do we have here? Mephisto has revealed himself and he and Wanda are having some epic Marvel battle that is sure to destroy the entire world! Just then, Quicksilver runs to Agatha and says “Hey, I have an idea.” What’s his idea? Professor X! Now, this is where it matters which actor shows up.

If it’s McAvoy, Peter told her exactly where to go, she went there, got him and we’re good to go.

If it’s Stewart that shows up, there’s one extra step that needs to be taken. Agatha leaves, brings back the Professor she THINKS Quicksilver told her to get, but when she gets back you see Peter go “Wait, who’s this guy?” And it’s the OG Charles Xavier standing sitting there. It’s a chance for Marvel to add some comedy with Agatha getting the right, but wrong guy and gives Peter a chance to make an old person joke.

The ending is still relatively similar though. Professor X gets inside Wanda’s head but of course, she’s far too strong and ends up killing him because he is trying to control her. And as we know, our Wanda does NOT like to be controlled or boxed in. This still leads to Vision telling her not to be the villain, which will no doubt be a very emotional scene. Which is a slight callback to THIS scene by the way..

But instead of Mephisto leaving WITH Wanda, he sneaks away during the commotion. Wanda then disappears into a different universe going after him because he still has her children after all. Leading into her bumping into Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The emotionally INTENSE scene could be Xavier going inside the MIND OF VISION. How’s that possible? He’s a robot, he technically has no “mind”. Well, in Westview Vision is more human than ever!

Maybe Professor X goes in his mind to try to save him under threat of death from Wanda and he has an emotional back and forth with Vision which would give Viz some piece of mind that he died more human than he’s ever been.

I know there are a bunch of different possibilities out there (Al Pacino? Really?) but I just think, when it comes to both storyline and Bettany’s comments, Magneto or Professor X make the most sense!

But regardless of who it is, I have faith in Marvel to go full Snickers and satisfy the ever living shit out of my Marvel heart. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, see you on the other side of the magically-created red forcefield. Godspeed.

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