BREAKING NEWS: The Celtics Still Suck

If you essentially want a video version of this, here ya go.


First and foremost, let me get this out of the way, I am a Celtics fan. A big one. I’m 29 so it’s not like I started when The Big 3 came about either. But I think many of you…us…are wearing green colored glasses every time we talk about this team. But let me repeat: The Celtics are not good. Talented, yes. But they aren’t good. Talent doesn’t mean shit when you can’t put it together and win.

They are now 15-17. That fact should disgust you as a fan. For a team with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, that’s fucking embarrassing. Two franchise players entering their prime and you can’t even put together a winning record. But hey, did you know that both of those guys are All-Stars this year! Here’s a fun tidbit that shouldn’t be possible, but is.

WOOHOO! Rain down the confetti! Sorry but I can’t get excited about having two all-star players when my team is falling off quicker than Game of Thrones during its last season. (yes, I will always find a way to bring that up in almost every blog I do. I will never, EVER forgive Benioff and Weiss for what they did)

But instead of going at whose fault this actually is, we blame people like Kemba or say Stevens should be fired. Don’t get me wrong, Kemba needs to figure it out. Now.

And Stevens has seemingly never been told how or when to consistently call timeouts at the correct time. He’s also fumbling rotations more and more which is certainly alarming to say the least. But this goes beyond them.

The players deserve blame, but you can’t chastise them for having off nights too much. It happens. You just have to hope your teammates can pick you up (which they aren’t capable of doing). You can surely blame Stevens, but there’s only so much he can do with the players he’s been provided. To me, this consistent culture of being a “fun team that overachieves” every year can be traced back to one person. And it’s time that person takes the brunt of the onslaught.

Danny Ainge is a problem. Say it out loud. Sit with it for a while. Close your eyes. Let it sink in. Now open your eyes and see this team with the new truth you just realized and repeat after me: Danny Ainge is a problem, and that’s my truth.

The guy refuses to do what needs to be done to build a championship team. He’s even admitted it at this point which is just fucking great to see. Who doesn’t love their GM saying “Yeah, we aren’t title material” WHEN HE IS THE ONE IN CHARGE OF BUILDING THE TEAM!

How many years have we heard NBA execs or reporters say things like “Well Danny isn’t going to make a trade unless he’s the clear winner?” or “The Celtics were in on the player, but Ainge wouldn’t budge on draft picks or young guys.” While it worked for a little bit, that ideology needs to be changed. Fast. To quote the winningest coach in New England sports history: “Do business as business is being done”

So what happens? Danny holds onto every asset that could have been used to potentially bring in an impact player while signing people like Jeff Teague and Tristan Thompson who, if I remember correctly, were touted as these great signings by Celtics suckers who are incapable of criticizing dumbass Danny. How are they doing by the way? NOT GREAT.

But every year it’s the same cycle. The Celtics start out hot or have a good hot streak going, and then one of two things happen: an injury to an important player and then fans and players use that as an excuse to explain away the sucking OR the team just completely implodes on themselves and can’t hit shots, can’t hold leads and have no interest in playing defense down the stretch. It’s the same FUCKING thing over…and over…and over. Year after year after GOD DAMN year!

But as a surprise to many, Ainge went on local radio this morning to give his opinion on what’s going on with the dumpster fire that he’s created. And I think I’m MORE upset with him than I was to begin with. Here’s the highlights:

Its always a good sign when your GM essentially says his players can’t get up for games. That’s great to hear. I’m not blaming Ainge for saying this, cause its spot on, but it’s just horrible that this is what it’s come to in Boston.

Still a believer. Know what that means? He doesn’t think he needs to really do much by the trade deadline because this sad band of underachievers can still “make a run”. Pathetic.

Can somebody tell Danny that wishes aren’t going to make this shitstorm any better? I mean, he understands that HE can make his WISHES come true, right? MAKE A MOVE.

Woah woah woah wait a minute! Are we talking making moves here! Now we’re cooking!

“I’m not going to do something just to do something” = “Only if I come out on top will I dare part with any of my precious assets” So nothing will change. Nevermind. Boston is about winning but you refuse to do what it takes to actually win. Got it.

Sir, you quite literally just called out the ENTIRE TEAM, but sure, players can’t call out players..

I don’t have the stomach to continue going through this. Look up the rest if you want to puke. It’s all the same shit anyway.

Danny understands this team sucks and is in NO DANGER of winning a title anytime soon. He knows its his fault but he’s still not going to do what’s necessary to rectify that situation because he still “believes” in this team and thinks they can “make a run”. What a sorry fucking organization this is turning into.

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