WandaVision Episode 7 Easter Egg Details


Oh to be a **fly on the wall** when the people over at Marvel were creating this show, huh? Why is fly on the wall in asterisks? Well, just like with everything in WandaVision, you’ll find out soon enough.

Episode 7 followed the script with it’s previous installment by giving us an answer or two, but still leaving us pretty dumbfounded about what the hell is really going on. I’m not sure if there’s ever been a show, that I’ve seen at least, that sheepdogs us along with tiny little breadcrumbs that don’t really reveal anything, but kind of do, BUT at the same time leave us with a dozen more questions quite like this one. It’s incredible.

Listen, I’m not going to just run through and recap the entire episode, I don’t care much for when blogs do that. It’s boring. I’m no expert. I’m a viewer just like everyone else, so I’m just going to bring up a few things that I think we should have caught or should be paying attention to as this series winds down here.

The Fly: See, I told you there’d be a payoff to my earlier easter egg. Why did they focus on the fly in Agnes’ house for so long? It’s not like there was any rotting food or trash laying around. And if there were you’d assume there’d be multiple fly’s, not just the one, big ass fly we saw. I’m sure everyone, as we do with every character in Wandavision, pointed and yelled “MEPHISTO! MEPHISTO!” at the bug as well, but in this case, I think we’re right..

Yeah, that’s 100000% Mephisto. I’d bet Darcy’s life on it, and I love Darcy. There is no other reason to give any focus to a random fly in a house that’s a cover for a creepy basement with roots growing out of it leading into a dark, sacrificial looking cave-type place any screen time! Everything in this show is calculated and has an explanation behind it. So it’s entirely plausible that Agnes is working with Mephisto and luring kids into her basement of doom for him.

But why hasn’t he revealed himself yet? Who knows. Maybe he needs some children sacrifices in order to gain enough power to manifest himself in human form ala Freddy Kreuger? I have no idea, but I do know the devil is coming.

Missing Kid?: Although it was blurry, I’m sure you all noticed there was a “Missing Person” notice on Wanda’s milk carton.

Now, first and foremost, I don’t think this is the missing person Jimmy Woo was talking about at the beginning of the show. I think that’s just another mystery that’ll be revealed in the coming weeks. (I have zero idea who the hell that could be)

What I believe is that since the missing picture on the milk carton looks like a kid, it brings credence to my theory that Mephisto is feeding on children. Or maybe it could be Agnes, since she made that quick little quip that she’s “bit a kid once”. But I still think it’s Mephisto feeding on the children that are made from his essence like he does in the comics. Maybe that’s why he can’t reveal himself yet because he has to consume enough children to make his “essence” into a living person? Yeah, I like that.

Mephisto Hint #15462: They have hinted at Mephisto WAY too many times for him to not be involved at this point. I know Marvel and Feige love to throw in nods to comics and characters they like, but this has eclipsed just the random easter egg. We are in full blown foreshadowing territory at this point.

From “the devil is in the details”, to Wanda randomly getting children to “unleash hell demon spawn” and everything in between, Marvel’s devil is definitely on his way. And this recent episode gave us yet another glimpse into that when Wanda went into Agnes’ basement.

AGatha harkNESS: Ah yes, the reveal we all speculated was coming but still took us all by “surprise”.

That’s the thing with this show and Marvel in general: even things we know are going to happen are still wildly entertaining. Whether it’s how they play it out or just having them confirm our theories, there’s still that true fandom that hasn’t been tainted by theories that don’t come true. I know a lot of you are worried about the show ending with somewhat of a letdown due to how rampant the speculation has become, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

Yes we saw it with Game of Thrones, but this is different. THAT ending was a jumbled, senseless pile of burnt Whitewalker bodies that blatantly disregarded numerous plot points that were set up throughout the series. Marvel doesn’t do that. So even if we don’t get what we expected, I have zero doubt that we’ll all still be immensely satisfied with how this ends.

Oh, and Agatha has an absolute fire theme song!

Nexus: This commercial may be the most revealing one of the entire series so far.

“Nexus” is a term we’ve heard in both the comics and the MCU itself.

In Age of Ultron, Tony (RIP) goes to Nexus in order to try to track down Ultron and it’s there where he realizes that Jarvis is alive and survived Ultrons attack. This is important. It’s a nod to Ultron, someone many have theorized is actually Director Hayward, as well as a nod to Vision’s history. Vision has yet to really be brought up in the commercials, so it’s interesting he gets a slight reference here towards the end.

Also, the term “Nexus” from the comics seems uuhhhh..prettttty pretty relevant here as well:

Monica’s Origin Story: The second “Monica Rambeau” was associated with WandaVision, we all knew where it was going. But again, like I said before, that didn’t make this scene any less badass:

Rambeau has finally gone full superhero and I can’t wait to see her in action. We saw a glimpse of her badassery in her fight with Wanda where she pulled out an amazing superhero landing (which I heard isn’t great on the knees):

Everything from her presence on screen to her eyes lighting up hit just the right note for me. And as for her nickname, I doubt they go with “Photon” as we saw that was her mom’s name. While she may want to be called that as a tribute to her mom, I think she goes with “Spectrum”. She has a few names to choose from, like Daystar and Pulsar, but I think Spectrum is the most MCU name she has.

Still. No. Damn. ENGINEER: No, this is not the no notorious aerospace engineer.

Rambeau actress Teyonah Parris stated that she “can’t wait” for fans to find out who the engineer is, so it’s safe to say that Marvel is making it a big deal for a reason. My vote is still Victor von Doom.

Mid Credit Scene!: When I tell you I gasped when this mid-credit scene popped up, I’m not kidding.

Not necessarily because of what the scene was, but just the fact that it existed. It felt like I was back watching a Marvel movie in the theater like the old days when things were simpler and COVID wasn’t the big bad of the world.

***Sidenote: I’ll get into this in another blog, but since we see Quicksilver in this scene, I feel like this has to be said: it’s definitely the Quicksilver from the X-Men Universe. It’s not Agatha’s son, it’s not Mephisto, it’s not Chthon or any other crazy character. It’s Peter from FOX being controlled by Agatha. She pretty much tells you that in this episode!

Agents of SHIELD: There was already one nod to the TV show with the Hydra Soap commercial, now this?

I mean it could be nothing, but it could also be a hint that the aerospace engineer is Fitz and the characters from AoS are coming! That’s my hope.

THANOS: This is just cruel.

Refrigerator Stickers: I noticed two different things in the opening credits of WandaVision. The first was a little note written in letters on a fridge.

This could mean nothing, or it could mean that someone is trying to speak to Wanda. I’m not sure, but it’s definitely not nothing, right? They wouldn’t put that in there for no reason.

Stan The Man: One of the license plates has the numbers 122822. Stan Lee was born December 28, 1922. RIP to the man who made this entire universe possible. He still gets his cameo.

I know there’s a bunch of things I didn’t bring up, but I just cherrypicked a few that I liked. I’ll probably dive into a few things specifically in the week leading up to Ep. 8, but until then, please stand by..

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