So Who’s The Aerospace Engineer?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind as we head into the last few episodes of WandaVision. Who the HELL is this aerospace engineer that Monica Rambeau keeps teasing. Well, given how the last episode ended, I think we may be getting our answer very, VERY soon. I’d imagine towards the end of episode 7.

I’ve seen countless different theories and guesses on who it could be ranging from improbable to probable. Everything from alternate universe characters to heroes we thought were dead. I’ve even seen people say that freaking TONY STARK was going to be resurrected somehow. 

But that’s what makes this show so great! It allows the fans to speculate and do so with no hesitation because, unlike Benioff and Weiss and what they did to Game of Thrones which I will NEVER forgive them for, we know Feige and the heads over at Marvel won’t let us down. Regardless if the big reveal is someone we wanted, expected or had any clue about, we as fans know we won’t have to deal with a Starbucks cup in the shot or be told to “adjust our TV settings” to watch the final episodes. Fuck you Benioff and Weiss.

SO..that being said, who ya got for the aerospace engineer? 

I’ve done extensive research (scrolled through Twitter theories and perused a few comics I know) and I think I’ve narrowed it down to 5 potential characters. Due to how much they’re bringing this person up, you have to think they really want the reveal to hit. So in my eyes, the mysterious person has to be either a character we know, a character popular enough for both die hard and regular fans to get into or it’s a character from an upcoming project.

That being said, in no particular order, this is who I think we may be seeing. 

Reed Richards: The hottest name in the Marvel streets right now and it’s not even close. And for good reason if you ask me. Marvel has already announced they’re planning a Fantastic 4 movie sooner rather than later and what better way to introduce one of the brightest minds in Marvel by having him try to figure out how to stop the most powerful player on the board (sorry Captain Marvel). And did they hint at Richards earlier in the show in the same scene Monica mentioned her engineer friend?

Kidding…but not really. It’s the same look as the 4 in the logo they released! But if Feige does go with the obvious choice and Marvel goes with the fan casted version of Mr. Fantastic, I think comic Twitter may lose their minds.

And a quick Google of John’s upcoming projects shows that he has the time and freedom to invest in what would almost certainly be a multi-movie, multi-year portrayal of Richards. Other than Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, Krasinski doesn’t have much planned at the moment, so why not hop into the most successful cinematic universe of all time?

But regardless who plays the patriarch of Marvel’s First Family, they can seamlessly fit this into the story and make it make sense: Rambeau ran into Reed while training to be a pilot and they become friends. Maybe Monica was even the one who introduced him to his future wife, Sue? BUT, I wouldn’t have Wanda be the reason he gets his powers though. I think they should and will stay with a trip to space as the reason the Fantastic 4 become the heroes we know and love. He can even say something like “Sorry it took so long for me to get here. Sue and I are finally ready to launch soon..” Just as a bit of a teaser for what’s to come. That’d be fantastic, huh?

Leopold Fitz: The Fitz in FITZsimmons!

If you aren’t familiar with Fitz, here’s a little background: he’s an engineer (among many, many other things) from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the smartest people “in” the MCU. I say “in” the MCU because the movies have yet to really bring any attention whatsoever to any character from AoS, which is a shame because there’s a lot of great characters that could be brought into the MCU Proper and have an impact. (Looking at you Quake). But I think Fitz would be a fine reveal as the aerospace engineer for a couple reasons.

Not only will it bring yet another genius level mind into the MCU, it’ll bring in a TON of important characters that Feige can use going forward. As I mentioned before, Daisy Johnson (Quake) is an awesome character and her powers won’t be overmatched moving into the world of God’s and super-powered individuals. 

And remember Phil Coulson? Yeah, he’s still alive people! Tony Stark died never knowing that and I find that to be one of the few stumbles the MCU has had in it’s decade of dominance. Tony and Phil should’ve met before the formers demise. Anyway, Coulson can come back and either start up a 2.0 version of S.H.I.E.L.D or eventually take over S.W.O.R.D. and turn them into good guys.

And lastly we have the Inhumans! No, not the horrendous ABC show. I’m talking the awesome portrayal of Inhumans that went on throughout the entirety of AoS. Hopefully they completely recast the entire Inhuman show and MCU-ize it. It’ll be a cool mirror to the eventual introduction of mutants as well. With one species being created and one being born with powers. 

Oh and with Ghost Rider showing up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, it makes TOO MUCH sense to bring them in. Because uh, you know who gave Robbie Reyes the Spirit of Vengeance? Mephisto.

I’d love to see Fitz and the gang get introduced in WandaVision. I understand if you’re hesitant, but the majority of the characters are awesome and with Marvel’s reinvigorated passion for TV shows, the potential is right there.

Hank McCoy: I freakin’ love Beast. He, along with Wolverine and Spidey, was one of my favorites growing up. He’s just so cool, but also kinda scary. Love it. And if you aren’t familiar with Hank, he’s a genius as well. While he’s not necessarily an aerospace engineer, all it would take is a slight tweak of his origin and it would all make sense. Like I said, Hank McCoy is really, really smart guys.

And we wouldn’t be getting “Beast” Hank McCoy either, not yet at least. This would be human Hank. But once he builds some sort of craft to enter The Hex, something happens where he gets hit with Wanda’s powers, thus activating his formant mutant gene, similar to what they’ve already established with Rambeau. Then he can run away to deal with his mutation and we see bits and pieces of it in a post credit scene here or there as we progress in the MCU timeline.

Oh, and you know that aircraft he designs to get into Westview? McCoy designs the X-Jet (the X-Men’s jet) in the comics. So that’s a nice nod to that and a useful bit of info moving forward to when we eventually get to the X-Men and they inevitably need a way to travel without being seen.

Riri Williams: I’ll be honest, when they announced they were making an Ironheart movie, I could not have cared any less. In fact, I was upset. Like, why do we need a mini version of Iron Man? But if you do some research, the relatively new hero is pretty damn cool, extremely popular and should fit in the MCU no problem while furthering Stark’s legacy. She’s actually smarter than Tony Stark in the comics too which is badass.

Think about how sweet this reveal would be though. With everyone assuming Monica’s connect is a man, since she said “my guy” a few times when talking about this person, it’d be a classic Marvel swerve to have that just be a way to keep us all from guessing who this aerospace engineer really is. And when we finally see Riri on screen, Jimmy Woo can say something like “Wait a minute, THIS is your “guy” you were talking about?” and then Monica can say “I guess I should have been more specific. This is Riri Williams, the GIRL aerospace engineer I was telling you about.” And when Woo makes some sort of face or comment, Riri can say some Stark-like quip like “Is that a problem?”

Not only would this be a perfect time to get the audience familiar with Riri Williams (you know, since WandaVision is currently the most popular TV show in the world) but it’ll show just how smart she is since SHE is the one being called in to help try to stop the Scarlett freaking Witch.

Victor von Doom: Probably the biggest longshot of the group, but my personal favorite, would be Dr. Doom himself, Victor von Doom. Think about it, the characters we are most invested in are the ones we see take their journey to being a hero or villain. Steve Rodgers. Tony Stark. Even Thanos. We saw them slowly progress (Thanos through end credit scenes) to become what we know them as today. Why not let us see Victor’s progression from genius, to power hungry dictator to ultimately one of the most feared villains in Marvel history? I get goosebumps just thinking about it! 

In the comics, Doom is the ruler of Latveria. But I’d venture to guess we see him before he gets to that point in the MCU. But he’s still very power hungry, as he’s always been. So when Rambeau gave him the low-down about a “super-powered Avenger using mind control to trap a town in her own reality” of course he’s going to be intrigued. No doubt already thinking about how HE can do the same sort of thing to rule his country with an iron fist and make sure no one opposes him. 

Again, ultimate power is a theme for Dr. Doom so this would make perfect sense. And then throughout all of Phase 4 we can get tiny cameos from Victor or post-credit scenes showing him start to slowly turn heel. And then have it all crescendo at the end of this Phase by having him kill one of our heroes (maybe Thor since Doom sees himself as a God and wants to kill an actual God to prove his power).

Dr. Doom is a villain that will stay around in the MCU for a very long time, and with the Fantastic 4 movie coming out, it makes sense to start to lay the groundwork for one of their ultimate villains. Not for them to face off first, but to just be lurking in the shadows until it’s time to dawn his armor. You can even have Wanda’s powers burn his face a little bit which would eventually lead to him wearing a mask! GOOSEBUMP CITY. 

Listen, you and I both know that no matter who this aerospace engineer is, we’re gonna love it. I just hope we get it this Friday! I love this show.

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