Could JJ Watt Go To The Patriots?

Houston Texans continue their never-ending question to become the least talented, worse ran team in the NFL today. Yes, the move saves Houston $17.5 mil in cap space, but the rate this team is losing their marquee players/organizational names is alarming.

JJ Watt isn’t the ublockable force he used to be, but he is still a factor in certain spots or when used correctly. Maybe it’s good the Texans got rid of him for absolutely nothing because they clearly don’t know how to use…any of their players correctly.

With the news of Watt being released, I’ve been seeing Patriots fans across the globe (Twitter) saying the Patriots should pick him up or he should want to come here. Let’s get one thing out of the way: JJ Watt is not going to be wearing a Patriots jersey next season. No chance.

And why would he? Especially when he’ll have a good handful of other more talented teams fighting for his services?

From a Patriots point of view, of course you want a guy like Watt on your line. Pair him up with the young pass rushers you have a mentor both on and off the field. And they’ll have plenty of cap space to likely match any offer Watt has on the table.

But speaking from Watt’s POV, why would you pick New England over Tampa, Kansas City, Green Bay, Buffalo or any other team that can win now? And make no mistake about it, Watt should and likely is in “win now” mode. He’s at the point in his Hall of Famer career where he should be ring chasing at this point. And New England does not give him the best chance to chase said ring.

Sure, he’d no doubt want to play for Belichick because, regardless of what braindead fans or media members want to say, the head coach is still a major draw here. But until the Patriots have a laid out plan at QB, they’re kind of in a holding pattern. Which would, in turn, force Watt to wait and see what happens up in Foxboro which is very unlikely. Teams are going to be throwing money at him left and right. Shit, they’re probably doing it as you read this.I doubt his desire to play here will outweigh any good offer he gets elsewhere for the time being.

This is different than a big name receiver/TE/QB wanting to come here, stay here and build another dynasty. This is an aging veteran on his last legs who wants a Lombardi.

So while Watt and Winovich at the end of the line rushing the passer is a wet dream for Patriot Nation, temper your expectations. It’s a long shot you see JJ walk through those doors.

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