The #SnyderCut of Justice League May Actually Save Jared Leto’s Joker!

Holy shit, could the Jared Leto Joker actually be…good? What a God damn revelation that would be huh? I think it’s widely accepted that Leto’s weird…hipster/mob boss version is the worst iteration of the Clown Prince we’ve seen live action, but this picture gives us hope!

I know it’s a little jumping the gun to say that his entire portrayal will be better based solely off a couple pics, but I think it’s warranted here! Sure, Leto had some off the wall character choices when it came to how the Joker spoke and his mannerisms, but I think we could’ve all dealt with that if he didn’t look like such an idiot.

No one wanted a millennial looking Joker with red lipstick like he just got the screams sucked out of him like that guy from Monsters Inc…

Like come on, you want me to believe that the Joker went to a tattoo artist and said “Yeah uh, hi, I’m Mr. J, this is Harley. We’d like to get a few pieces done. I drew some sketches for you to follow and think you could put the word ‘Damaged’ smack dab on my forehead here? So then people really get the points that I’m, ya know, a little cooky!”

My god I hated that. We all did. But this!?

It’s really starting to look like Snyder’s Justice League really is a big departure from the polished turd we were force fed a few years ago and not just the same movie with a few cool scenes. And a Joker sans a face tattoo is definitely a good start.

P.S. We also got an official clip of Supes in the black suit. That alone is worth the price of admission if ya ask me.

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