Mahomes’ Family Is Insufferable

The Mahomes Collective is looking rough right about now.

Surprisingly, Brother Mahomes has been relatively quiet and strangely not annoying since the Chiefs lost. Maybe he’s learning.

Mahomes fiance Brittany Matthews, on the other hand, is continuing her reign as the most insufferable NFL spouse out there. I understand that may be a bit harsh, but…come on…

So knowing that Matthews isn’t one to shy away from standing up for her future hubby, Super Bowl Sunday was her time to shine. And by “shine” I mean comaining about flags and being over sensitive that big, bad ESPN is picking on her fiance.

First of all, were a couple flags questionable? I mean, I guess. Was this a catchable ball?

We’ve seen Mike Evans make some amazing grabs so who’s to say he doesn’t haul this one in? Also, the league has shown over the years that they don’t really care if the ball is catchable or not so to complain about this is kinda silly.

Then you have Chiefs Kingdom bitching about this one as well:

Yeah, this gets called in multiple games every single week. You’re not being picked on. Defenders and receivers feet get caught up all the time and 90% of the time the defender gets flagged.

But please keep acting like your team was the only one who didn’t get calls..

Funny thing is, I’m old enough to remember the Chiefs getting away with murder in last years Super Bowl but oh well..

It’s funny though, because Chiefs fans like to say they never get calls but seem to forget the most obvious helmet to helmet hit in years that changed their game against the Browns..

And let’s not act like the Chiefs are a disciplined team either. They were the fourth most penalized team during the regular season so everyone complaining about the Chiefs getting flagged so much need to shut up. Oh, and the Bucs were 13th in the league with 84 penalties compared to 105 from the Chiefs in 2020 so, the discrepancy in this game makes sense because it’s happened ALL YEAR.

But the tweets I wanted to address were the ones where she got upset at ESPN/SportsCenter for posting a picture of Mahomes looking sad and the score. Like that doesn’t happen every single game when a QB is losing in that fashion.

Do you want them to give you some sort of special treatment? Why? Because it’s Patrick Mahomes? Just because he’s one of the league top players mean he can’t be criticized whatsoever? Fuck outta here. Her calling THEM corny/trash is hilarious too. Pot calling the kettle black if ya ask me.

But back to the Mahomes family. Normally I’d love to give the award for Unbearable Fan to Brittany Matthews, but I have to give it to Randi Mahomes.

Patrick’s mom had herself a fit over her sons loss:

First of all, don’t you DARE talk shot to Gisele then turn around and give Brady’s parents props..

That’s not how this works.

Secondly, if you were playing the Patriots, trust me, your sons team would be getting ALL the calls. Don’t believe me? We saw it happen already..

This was called NOT a fumble.

This was called out of bounds.

What do they say? Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house?

And then we get more bitching about the refs which is such a losers mentality. Especially when the Chiefs got absolutely dominated in every way, shape and form Sunday. They could’ve gotten every single call imaginable and it wouldn’t have helped the putrid performance.

At the end of the day, we can’t blame them for being the sorest of losers though. Admittedly, they haven’t had to experience much loss since Mahomes has been in the league. But they need to tone it done because as likable as Mahomes is, they’re going to make everyone hate him by association.

Better luck next year Mahomes fam.

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