Tedy Bruschi Responds To Amendola

Tedy Bruschi is my favorite Patriot of all time and it’s not even close. When I first started watching football and actually comprehending what was going on, Bruschi was my guy. And as I got older, I realized what Bruschi is one of those players who embodied the Patriot Way.

Hard working. Overachiever. Team player. He is up there as one of the “perfect Patriots” in my book.

So when I saw that he spoke about Danny Amendola’s comments about the Patriot Way, I knew we were going to get a level-headed response, and that’s what we got.

“I don’t take offense to it, it’s about what did he understand, I think Danny was here from 2013-2017. I think the win total they had, they won 12 games every single year. He sort of had a space in time where it was really, really good and he really didn’t experience what it was back then, so that’s what he knew in terms of everybody looking towards Tom and then that’s really al they did was, ‘Okay, Tom, lead us. What are we going to do?’

To me, that’s different because on those teams also there were great defensive players that were making plays that help[ed them win those championships and have that success. So really, you’ve got to remember, Danny especially, that other side of the ball, the veterans that are there, there are a lot of defensive players that did a lot of things to win football games.”

This, to me, is the problem with the “Patriot Way” debate. People talk about it like it’s something that ONLY started when Tom was the GOAT already. Like he just manifested it out of nowhere.

The Patriot Way started when Belichick took over 2000 and it’s been in place since then. People seem to forget that, for those first 3 Super Bowl’s, Tom Brady wasn’t “GOAT Tom Brady”. Like Bruschi said, those teams were heavily assisted by players like Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Vince Wilfork and countless others on the defensive side.

But it’s tough to remember that now when you have media members shouting from the rooftops that “Brady made Belichick!” or “Brady was the Patriot Way! Belichick went 7-9 last season and Tom is in the Super Bowl!” It’s such a silly argument but one that people love to have for some reason.

Bruschi’s point is that Brady was obviously an important part of all those wins, but let’s not forget the guys in the trenches.

Bill Belichick fostered a culture in Foxboro that allowed players like Amendola to come in and succeed at levels they never would have elsewhere. Danny benefited from a machine that was already in high gear by the time he strapped on the flying Elvis. It’s easy for some players now to look at the Pats and think it’s all Brady, but let’s not forget the groundwork that was done in order for all that to be possible.

And as for Dictator GM Bill that Danny spoke about, Bruschi touched on that as well:

“I remember having a tough conversation with Bill when he finally told me they felt like it was time for me to go. And for me I was like, ‘Yeah, I sort of agree with you, but I am still going to try and talk you out of it a little bit.’ It is what it is with Bill. He makes those decisions and everyone can say what they think about him as a general manager, but the success is obvious to me and of course players when they go there’s always going to be bitter feelings, but I don’t have any complaints about how he handled me as a GM.”

Again, this is why Bruschi is so beloved. He just gets it.

Belichick is there to make the tough decisions. The not always popular decisions. The decisions that other coaches don’t have the balls or the leeway to make. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but the majority of the time it does. Of course you’re not going to like someone who tells you they’re moving on from you, but it’s the business. It is what it is.

And Bruschi brings up the ultimate trump card in my opinion: look at the track record. Pretty good right?

Tom Brady was vital to continuing the Patriot Way for 20 years. But let’s not forget it’s architect who, by the way, is still coaching up in New England last time I checked. And you know he’s listening..

4 thoughts on “Tedy Bruschi Responds To Amendola

  1. I think Bill made a lot of mistake in 2020 he let a lot of good players leave and by doing that we didn’t even make the play offs he has a lot to prove to me this year.


  2. People are much too touch on Coach Belichick in this situation. Look at Tom’s age. Clearly it was the right move at the right time. We all would have loved to see Brady finish his career in Foxboro, but it wasn’t going to happen. Giselle wasn’t going to allow it. Keep in mind 8 players opted out from this team at the start of this season. Some pretty important guys. This team will be back next year and in the playoffs. Mark my words.


  3. I also believe in this world we are living in we had a good amount of defensive players opt out because of covid. Could the Patriots done better if some of those key players didn’t opt out? I know our defense was hurting this year!


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