Brandin Cooks Understands The “Patriot Way”

Brandin Cooks was with the Patriots for only one season in 2017, but he still tallied a very respectable 65 catches for 1,082 and 7 touchdowns. But even in that very short period of time, he garnered nothing but respect for his former, FORMER team.

Ah well this is refreshing, huh? See Danny, it isn’t that hard to not bitch and moan about your ex-head coach! Take notes.

Nothing about things that “wore him the wrong way” or calling Belichick an “asshole” or a “principal”. No backhanded compliments. Cooks comes off as a football player who knows what it takes to succeed in the NFL. Not a whiny, pretty boy who plays the victim. 

Cooks was then asked if it’s difficult to play in New England, which, if we’re being honest, is a silly question that gets thrown out there way too much. Why don’t people ask if it’s tough to play in Washington? You never get “Is it tough to play for the Steelers?” And I’ve yet to hear if it’s tough playing for the Chiefs. I suppose there’s just a certain level of success that’s expected in Foxboro that doesn’t exist in many other sad, sack of shit NFL locker rooms. Oh well. Anyway, here’s what Cooks said:

“Not at all. I have to say that’s one of my favorite places that I’ve ever played. Especially when you’re winning, how is it hard to play there? I’ve got a lot of respect for Coach Belichick and, at the time, Tom and Josh McDaniels.”

Cooks has played on 4 teams so far in his career, so he’s speaking for experience. It’s nice to see a player that puts winning over it “being tough” to play for New England. Just like Devin McCourty and countless other Patriots have said, winning is fun. And the Pats win a LOT.

But Cooks didn’t stop there. He dropped what’s sure to be one of my favorite quotes of 2021:

“I think if it’s too hard for you, that must mean you don’t like to work hard. Now, you grind – don’t get me wrong – but there’s fun in that as well.”

**chefs kiss**

BINGO! It’s no secret that Belichick asks a lot out of his players. But why is it that certain players make it and other players get kicked to the curb? For the very reason Cooks just said. Some players simply don’t want to put the work in. And I’m not saying anyone is lazy. To be in the NFL, you can’t be. But there’s levels to this shit, and Coach Belichick is at the top floor.

In order to, not only achieve, but sustain success in the NFL, you have to work. Hard. Everyday. But at least you go home each night knowing that the work you just put in will pay dividends on the field. That, my friends, is another part of this “Patriot Way” that people keep questioning. And THAT is something Brandin Cooks very clearly understands.

Listen, could he go to, oh let’s say, the Eagles and, save for one season, have misery year in and year out BUT still have fun? SURE! Or you could go up to Gillette Stadium, bust your ass and make a name for yourself. Become a hometown hero who never has to buy a drink in the region again. 

Cooks then speaks on the overly complicated Patriot McOffense we all hear about:

“I think it’s all about studying at the end of the day, taking time and focusing on studying the plays. For me it wasn’t hard.”

God damnit Brandin, if you were here I’d kiss ya. WHAT AN ANSWER. “Oh, this wicked complicated, multi-faceted offense everyone talks about? Can of corn. Just hit the books!” It’s amazing to me that players like Chad Ochocino or Joey Galloway can come in here and do nothing, but players like Cooks or Philip Dorsett can come in and produce at a consistent level. Football smarts > Talent level, I guess.

The 7 year vet ended his appearance with what we all know to be true:

“I think he gets it back in control and they get back to winning football games consistently. That’s just my belief in Coach Belichick.”

Cooks knows what even the most staunch Belichick detractor knows: Belichick will be back. Why? Because you can’t hold the greatest coach of all time down for too long.

One thought on “Brandin Cooks Understands The “Patriot Way”

  1. At the end of Superbowl 51 the players talked about the sloped sprints they ran at the end of practice, and the fatigue factor of having over 90 offensive snaps I think.


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