Nick Wright With An All Time Bad Tom Brady Take

If this is too long or you don’t feel like reading today, here’s a little video of me reaction to this blasphemous take..

Nick Wright is notorious for pulling out some of the most asinine, idiotic takes imaginable. Especially when you add his Kansas City Chiefs into the mix. But he’s really outdone himself with this one. I was at work when I saw this nugget come across my timeline and I legitimately had to go sit in the car for 15 minutes and question everything I thought I knew.

What in this COVID infected world did I just watch?

I speak with absolutely no hyperbole when I say: This is the worst take I have ever, ever heard in my entire life. Not just in sports, this is the worst take in the history of worldwide takes. I have not heard one human opinion that has, quite literally, broken my brain like this one has.

I just…I don’t even know where to start. I mean, Nick took every liberty imaginable when trying to twist the definition of the word “experience” to prevent himself from saying one thing that could come off as negative against his Daddy Mahomes. Even though this “debate” isn’t even saying anything bad about either player! Debate is in quotes because, uh, newsflash, THIS IS NOT A GOD DAMN DEBATE IN ANY WAY. 

Tom Brady has more experience in the Super Bowl than Patrick Mahomes.

This is not up for discussion. There is no “other side” to the situation. This is a one-sided coin. There is factual proof that shows, une-fucking-quivocally, that Tom Brady has, and likely will always have, more Super Bowl experience than Patrick Mahomes. No matter what weird caveats or bullshit point of view you look at this from. What are we doing here!?

I’ll tell you what we’re doing here. We’re watching this rat-faced Mahomes stan prove that he is truly incapable of having an unbiased discussion where he doesn’t have Mahomes coming out on top. Even a fact like “Tom Brady has more Super Bowl experience than Patrick Mahomes” forces him into defense mode to try to stick up for his false God.

You could tell Nick that Brady has more Super Bowl wins than Mahomes and he’d say something like, “Well yeah, technically…BUT, did he “win” those rings? I mean sure, he was on the team that won those rings, but did TOM BRADY actually contribute enough to say he WON those rings? The debate can be made that he didn’t…”

This clown boy’s explanation didn’t even make sense!

“Because Mahomes was in this game last year…because Mahomes has played Brady in the postseason a few years ago…because we have a guy who has played in a ton of huge games recently..I think the experience component is muted.”

I wish I could permanently mute YOU, Nick.

So Brady playing in the Super Bowl a year before Mahomes doesn’t mean anything? A year earlier gives you no added experience? Makes sense. And, correct me if I’m wrong, if Mahomes played Brady in the postseason recently, doesn’t that mean Brady played Mahomes too? Or does the “experience” only count when it backs your ridiculous narrative? Oh and forgive me. I forgot Brady had no big games whatsoever this year, last year or the year before while Mahomes had huge game after huge game after huge game.

He then goes on to give some other cockamame “Mahomes has been coached by and played with these guys before in the Super Bowl while Brady has never played with these guys in the Super Bowl before” reasoning to try to help his floundering argument gold any weight whatsoever.

He’s technically correct, I’ll give him that. Brady has indeed never played in the Super Bowl with the Bucs before. I mean, he’s been there NINE times in his career prior to this season, but that “experience” doesn’t count because it was a different team. Same game…but different team. So we don’t count that as “experience” here. Nevermind the fact that Brady has had 19 games to gain a wealth of “experience” with his new team. That, again, doesn’t count for Nicky Nick.

And the kicker is while he’s spewing this garbage, his dumbass co-host Brandon Marshall is sitting there nodding his head and saying “You’re right!” like a dimwit! Marshall is, or at least I thought he was, a smart guy. Sure, he had his crazy takes, but he seemed like an ex-player who kept his wits about him when it comes to the NFL. But apparently he’s under Nick Wright’s dumbass spell just like everyone else on First Things First.

Tom Brady has played in 9 Super Bowls. That’s more wins than Mahomes has in his entire playoff career so far. Patrick Mahomes has played (poorly) in one Super Bowl. Again, that’s 9 to 1. Which is math that even Wright could do while simultaneously pleasuring himself watching a Patrick Mahomes “No-Look Throw” Compilation. So you tell me, which guy has more Super Bowl experience?

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