Deshaun Watson To The….Patriots?

I love the NFL. We aren’t even in the off season yet and we’re already getting rumored trades, potential disgruntled players and possible free agent locations. With actual big names too. Ya gotta love it.

And a team that’s poised to be deep in the mix this year are the New England Patriots. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but the Pats need a QB. Their Superman treated the football field like his own personal kryptonite last season and STUDham is looking more and more like DUDham. Get it? Cause he may be a dud.

With that gaping hole in mind, there’s a certain unhappy QB in Houston that would make a great fit up in New England and immediately shotput the Pats to the top of the Conference. 

But what would it take to get Deshaun Watson? No doubt a first rounder, potentially multiple, as well as a couple other picks and maybe a player or two. Seems like a lot, but when you have a talent like Watson, there really isn’t “too much” you can ask for.

Well, Bill Barnwell over at ESPN tossed out SEVENTEEN hypothetical trades for the young QB, and he has this potential Patriots proposal at a whopping #5 on the list!

Listen, for the Patriots? You do this every single time. There hasn’t been a heist this great in Boston sports since Danny Ainge shipped Paul Pierce and KG off to the Nets for a seemingly endless amount of picks. But would the Texans do this?

HELL NO! Why on Earth would they!? Let me break it down:

The 15th pick this year is a solid start. It’s high enough where they could get an impact guy or package it with their own pick and move up or go snag some big name guy. Toss in next years first round pick and no we’re really cooking. But that’s not all! Let’s stir in a 3rd round comp. pick as well as a 2023 second rounder? That’s 4 picks which is a good haul, but enough for a franchise QB? Me thinks not.

So let’s add some players into the stew. 

How does JC Jackson sound? He and his 9 picks last year would certainly move the needle. I mean, who doesn’t want a potential shutdown corner on their team? And yes, that’s what Jackson is on the verge of blossoming into, regardless of what some Boston media members will tell you. And it’s that potential greatness that would make it a headscratcher for the Pats to move on from him. The Pats are certainly relatively deep at DB, but they’re not “trade away our future #1 corner” deep, especially with Gilmore being potentially shipped out this off season with 2021 being his last year under contract.

But hey, maybe Belichick feels comfortable enough in his plans for the secondary, so let’s roll with it. But are 4 picks and Jackson enough? With what’s sure to be a litany of potential suitors ready to throw the kitchen sink at Houston to snag Deshaun, I’m not so sure.

Well how about this: would a former first-round, physically imposing, young wideout interest you? Normally that answer would always be yes, BUT, in this case we are talking about N’Keal “On The Verge Of Being A Bust” Harry. When Harry isn’t taking shots at his fanbase on social media…

…he’s busy doing little to nothing on the field or tallying up untimely flags when his team can’t afford said untimely flags. And no I’m not being too hard on him. Explain to me how Jakobi Meyers, and undrafted wide receiver, can tally 59 catches for 729 yards while Harry wallows in insignificantness with his 33 catches for 309 yards. 

But this isn’t a “Bash N’Keal” blog, that will come later this off season. This is a “Would this trade actually happen in real life” blog.

And the answer is a resounding nope. Not a chance in hell. I don’t care if this was the old Houston brass who shipped out DeAndre Hopkins just because the coach, who they ended up firing a few months later, bumped heads with him. No amount of Belichick-Caserio connection would make this trade go through. Especially with these hypothetical trades in front of the Pats made up situation.

The Patriots aren’t going to get Deshaun Watson. Patriots Nation needs to recalibrate their expectations. Teams are going to be chomping at the bit to get a talent like this, and New England will simply get out bid this time. But fear not, because the prodigal son may be returning..

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