Tom Brady Sr. Thinks Belichick Is On The Hot Seat

There’s no need to start this off with some creative lead in or something like that. Simply put: Tom Brady Sr. needs to shut his damn mouth. You know absolutely nothing about the inner workings of the New England Patriots nor should you be saying anything about them.

Additionally, the fact that 98.5 decided to actually side with him at all is an embarrassment to sports media. Why is he even being interviewed by the Boston Herald anyway? His son no longer plays for the team, why do we need to know what he think about…anything Patriots related?

Bill Belichick is not on the hot seat. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time and I think that’s earned a little more leash than getting his walking papers after a 7-9 season following the departure of his GOAT starting QB, a litany of opt outs and various other complications due to COVID.

I get that your his father and probably have a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to Belichick, but control your emotions sir. I repeat, Belichick is not on the hot seat by any means. You think Kraft was going to give up Brady then have his coach on the hot seat if he didn’t do as well as he normally does? Get a brain.

Brady Sr. can say what he wants though at the end of the day. My real beef is with 98.5 and Matt Dolloff in particular. He starts the article by saying:

“Brady Sr. obviously has no power in Foxboro and probably doesn’t know the inner working at Gillette Stadium…”

But then goes on to say:

“But Brady Sr.’s comments have to echo the truth in some form or fashion.”

Uh, why? You really think Kraft wasn’t expecting some sort of drop off this year? You genuinely believe that he was just oblivious to all the outside factors (like a lot of fans were apparently) that may have caused this outcome for the 2020 season? Kraft is much smarter than you and Dolloff give him credit for.

He then says:

“Belichick isn’t going anywhere. But there’s got to be something cooking in Foxboro.”

Why does there have to be something cooking? I like to think that Kraft is forward thinking enough to understand that the next year or two may be a little rough but, given his coaches tremendous track record, that the ship will eventually course correct.

But hey, that’s just me. Go Patriots.

One thought on “Tom Brady Sr. Thinks Belichick Is On The Hot Seat

  1. Your grammar is atrocious and you’re an idiot for not including that Belichick stated that TB12 worked within his system and that’s why he won so much. Not true. TB12 is the GOAT, but it’s Belichick that owes him. Not the other way around. Do some real research and stop talking like a Boston dummy!

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