Championship Weekend Preview

Championship Weekend. On one hand you have the wunderkind, the Prince That Is Promised going up against the underdog who has finally seemed to put it all together. And on the other you have the dream matchup we’ve been deprived of for so many years. The GOAT vs the False GOAT. 

Let’s start with the second game of the weekend.

Bills vs Chiefs: How can you not be rooting for the Bills here, right? Everything from their rabid fan base to their effort on the field to their underrated QB, this is an easy team to get behind. And on the other hand you have the kiiindaaa sortaaaa easy to hate Chiefs. I know Chiefs Kingdom will vehemently disagree with me, but I liken it to Patriot Nation. Both fan bases, one of which I am a part of, obnoxiously root for their team to no end, but you have to admit it’s easy for outsiders to hate on each squad.

I mean Travis Kelce is as insufferable as they come. Chiefs fans will say “Well why didn’t you say that when Gronk was doing his antics!” Simple: Gronk seemed like a genuine, excited meathead who was just obnoxiously silly. Kelce comes off as a try-hard. It’s easy to dislike. Oh and speaking of “easy to dislike” Tyreek Hill is, uh, not a good person at all. That’s not to say they aren’t tremendous football players, but that IS to say that it’s easy to want to see them lose.

How can I forget Patrick Mahomes. The Golden Boy. Is it possible for someone to be so supremely talents but also somewhat overrated? He’s playing with a full deck of loaded cards and that’s not up for debate. How’d Chad Henne look? I rest my case. Again, THAT’S NOT TO SAY THE PLAYER IS NOT ELITE, but running around in circles waiting for your receiver to break coverage doesn’t warrant the ballwashing this man gets. Looking at you Tony Romo..

And then there’s Buffalo. This team just feels like a Team of Destiny to me. I said this in my preview for last weeks games, but I just continue to feel it. I would not be surprised if the Bills blow out the Chiefs. Yes, I said it. Blow out. This offense can, when at their peak, score just as fast as the Chiefs can. KC gives every team they play a window to take a decent lead, and the Bills desperately need to bust that window WIDE open.

Like it always does against KC, it’s going to come down to the defense they’re playing coming up with a crucial stop/turnover. Mahomes, as you’ve all seen if you watch any Chiefs game, does give the defense a chance to take the ball away. I think the Bills do that today, ultimately holding off the Chiefs final drive, and Buffalo gets to the Super Bowl. Bills 28 – Chiefs 24

Bucs at Packers: This is the matchup. Brady vs Rodgers, at Lambeau, for a trip to the Super Bowl. Martin Scorsese couldn’t script a better story on his best day. But I’m sorry to let everyone down, this isn’t going to be as good as you all think.

Brady is still great. If you want to argue that, go debate a wall because no one wants to hear any of that nonsense. But what’s the narrative? Brady has taken a sad, sack of shit team and drug them, kicking and screaming, to the playoffs right? Nevermind that their defense is 8th in points allowed and 6th in yards allowed. Or the fact that he came to a team that already had a good running back, a top tier offensive line and two very, very talented receivers.

Why can’t the narrative be that Brady went to a team that was a good QB away from being a contender? It doesn’t take away from the greatness of the GOAT considering he was indeed the missing piece to the Bucs success. What’s wrong with that?

Well, because that wouldn’t fit into the narrative guys! Don’t get me wrong, I was a Brady fan for 20 years in New England, but I see now why everyone hated Pats fans for getting behind him so much. Does this man need ALL the credit? It’s to the point that whenever the team runs the ball, Bucs fans are calling for the coaches head. Newsflash folks, every single football team likes to run on first down, it’s not just your team.

On the other side you have Aaron Rodgers and let me tell you, this is the fact of a man on a mission.

Rodgers is a shoe in for the MVP this year, and he deserves it. 46 TD’s to only 5 int’s is insanity. His connection with Adams seem unstoppable and with a more than solid run game with Jones behind him, this team looks impossible to beat.

But wait a minute, you know who handed this team their worst loss of the season? Tampa. That 38-10 loss was the only game this year where Rodgers had multiple picks, one of which was a pick 6 while the other was a few yards away from being the second one. One has to assume Rodgers won’t duplicate that same lack of production again though, and that’s one of the reasons Green Bay may end up pulling this one out in impressive fashion.

Tom Brady is a seasoned cold weather football player though, probably the best ever. But Tampa Bay as a whole though? Not so much. You can say that won’t matter, but if you’re going to give props to the QB for knowing how to play in the cold, you have to see how it’s a negative for the rest of the team who may not know all the tricks of the trade in order to stay ready for a full 60 minute Lambeau game.

I think this is close until halftime. But once the Bucs players go inside, get warm and are forced to come back out in the cold? That’s going to take it’s toll. Also, I simply don’t think the Bucs can duplicate their performance they had back in Week 6 against Rodgers and co. Green Bay pull away at the end and the Bucs are left out in the cold by the time this one is over. I’ve seen firsthand what happens when you bet against Brady in the playoffs, but I just think this is the end of the road for him. Bucs 23 – Packers 32

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