Belichick’s Girlfriend Takes Shot At Brady

Behind every great man is a badass woman who’s ready to go to war at the drop of a hat. And that’s what Bill Belichick has in Linda Holliday. A fierce lioness who will chomp your damn head off at any minute.

Ride. Or. DIE!

“Oh you’re going to take some subtle shot at my man on my Insta? Nah think again loser. ROASTING TIME.” You gotta love it.

Now, I mean, she’s wrong. Very wrong. Brady had 2 TD’s through the air and one goal line rush for another score but hey, love the energy! Sometimes passion isn’t always correct but it’s the thought that counts! Of course you’re going to have the regular braindead morons take this and turn it into some “SEE! SEE! Belichick has always hated Brady but he just couldn’t say it so his wife had to! I bet this is just Belichick logged into her account!”

I will say this though, if she is somewhat slighting Brady on social media, you know she’s said something like this to Bill behind closed bedroom doors. Oh how I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the conversation. You think Belichick had some choice words to say? Or do you think he really doesn’t give a shit what Brady is doing right now. For some reason I think it’s more of the latter.

I think Bill is both so focused while also being so cocky, that he doesn’t even recognize the fact that Brady left last year. It’s not even a reality to him anymore. He’s just on to 2021 and building another Championship team. And that’s why he’s the greatest to ever do it.

HOWEVA, Linda is definitely on to something though. Brady’s defense came up BIG time against the Saints. The Bucs scored 21 points off of New Orleans’ turnovers. Who knows what the game looks like if those 4 TO’s don’t happen. But hey, all we know is that Brady has yet another playoff win to add to his GOAT legacy and he has a date with Rodgers at Lambeau on Sunday.

UPDATE: Linda claps back!

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