BREAKING: Captain America Is (Almost) BACK!

Just when I think I’m out…they pull me back in!

I’m sure that’s what was going through Chris Evans’ mind when Marvel called him and pitched whatever idea they have for him to make his way back to the MCU. Especially because last we’ve heard, Evan swas plenty fine leaving his character where it was.
And while he had a great send off, if Kevin Feige comes to you with an amazing story/plot to bring you back for a little, you kind of have to listen, right? Not to mention I’m sure the payday is gonna be a pretty good one considering Marvel/Disney have essentially bottomless pockets at this point.

Now the report says that Cap will be brought back in a supporting role of sorts, a la Iron Man in Civil War, and that makes me even more okay with this decision. I don’t think we need anymore Captain America solo movies. He completed one of the greatest superhero movie trilogies of all time. No need to go back and add a forth to taint that spotless record.

So if not a solo movie, where should he show up? I know there are plenty of movies he could find his way into, but with how much Marvel is investing in their shows, you can’t count those out either. My first bet would’ve been Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but that season is already done filming. I guess he could pop up in Season 2 if there is one? But I think they’ll be past the need for him at that point.

Another guess would be maybe the Secret Invasion show with Nick Fury and the Skrulls. Perhaps it’s a fake, bad Cap parading around as our good Cap. Who knows. Not too much is known about that other than the fact that it’s not quite as BIG as it’s comic book storyline counterpart, so maybe Steve Rodger get’s brought it just to show that, while still a show, it’s a big deal.

There really aren’t any other upcoming, announced, Marvel Disney+ shows that Cap could fit in as I see it right now. She-Hulk? Doubtful, especially with Hulk rumored to already show up. Ms. Marvel? Captain Marvel is a better bet there. Hawkeye? Maybe, but that seems more of a “father/daughter” hero story, no need for Cap. Loki? That show will likely be completely done filming by the time Evans deal gets done, so that’s doubtful. That leaves Armor Wars, Iron Heart and Moon Knight. Depending on where they want to go with those stories, Steve Rodgers could pop up in any of those three.

When it comes to the movies, there’s really only one that jumps out at me. Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness.

We’ve already been told that we’ll be seeing our favorite superhero’s as “alternate versions” of themselves, so perhaps we get a Nazi/Hydra Captain America as a part of said madness the good Doctor will have to face. Or maybe he comes back as Johnny Storm from the Fantastic 4 from an alternate universe. It’s a possibility!

But they could write him into Spider-Man 3, Black Panther II or even Ant-Man: Quantumania with some creativity as well. Maybe he comes back as Nomad and has his own mini-series? Maybe we get to see him just returning all the Infinity Stones? Who knows!

All I know is I’m excited to have America’s Ass back in the MCU, for however long that may be. Welcome back Captain

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