BREAKING: Deadpool Will Stay Rated R

Let’s go baby! It’s finally OFFICIAL official: Deadpool will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he’ll be doing so in his own rated R movie(s). Uh….is anyone surprised by this though?

I mean, you shouldn’t be whatsoever. Multiple people involved with Marvel have already all but confirmed that the Merc With A Mouth will indeed be a part of the MCU and the company likely planned on keeping it’s R rating moving forward. And why wouldn’t they? The people at Marvel aren’t stupid. They know a cash cow when they see it. Why change something that’s working? Marvel/Disney are in the business of making money. And Deadpool cursing his head off brings in a lot of green.

But still, there were people out there that, for some odd reason, kept their heads in the sand and were convinced that Marvel was going to Mickey Mouseify Wade Wilson. It’s a part of this weird erotic obsession people have with overly cricizing everything Disney gets involved with for some reason. BUT AGAIN, Disney wants to make money. They know Marvel knows how to make money. Marvel knows Deadpool makes money. Some of you just let your Mouse hatred cloud your commons sense.

But now we’ve heard it directly from the horses mouth. The architect of the most successful series of cinematic films ever created, Kevin Feige has gone on record to put everyone’s minds at ease. There was no way Ryan Reynolds was letting this character that he loves get PG’ed by Marvel anyway.

Now what does this mean when Deadpool teams up with other Marvel heroes in, what would likely be, a PG-13 movie? There are PLENTY of ways to get around that. Have another character silence Deadpool every time he goes to swear. Have some noise in the distance beep him out. Or just have Deadpool police himself knowing that he can’t swear because it’s against the rules. They’ll figure out how to make it work, I’m not worried one bit.

P.S. We are getting closer and closer to seeing, what I’m sure will be, my favorite on pair duo ever in the MCU:

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