VIDEO: Superhero News!!

If you don’t want to take a few minutes to read, here’s the video version

We got a few different tid bits today/this weekend from the superhero world when it comes to future projects. Both Marvel and DC shed some light and cleared up a little confusion on what’s to come in their respective universes moving forward.

I’ll start with Marvel since they’re my favorite and they should be your favorite too! Kidding DC fans, we can all get along….sometimes.

WandaVision: Season 1 will be 9 episodes long! That may not seem like a big deal, but that means we’ll be getting almost 3 months of Wanda and Vision in their wacky world. And for that, I am very excited for.

Morbius: Do you remember Morbius? No? Here, let me remind you.

Now that you’ve had your memory jogged, Jared Leto told us over the weekend that this film is giong to be something the genre has never seen before, saying it’ll be, “Big, fun and a little scary…” So yeah I guess there’s that. A mustached vampire who may or may not be connected to the Sonyverse or the MCU. Who knows. I’m sure it’ll be a cool, forgettable summer hit.

Eternals: Chloé Zhao has confirmed she will be credited as the sole writer for the blockbuster coming out this year. This is BIG because unfortunately, in most cases in this industry, a female writer will either get pushed to the side and not credited when it comes to a formal title on who wrote the movie or she would get clumped with other male writers due to the company not wanting to face any backlash from those remaining sexists out there (which I guess is sexist in itself but at least they’re taking babysteps) who can’t handle a female writing a superhero movie. Eternals is set to play a huge part in the MCU moving forward, so I hope to see her name attached to the sequel as well!

More Batmen: You know when you really like a good but when you have too much of it on your plate it becomes overwhelming and you get sick of it? WELL, news is that Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the caped cursader will be the main Wayne moving forward int he DCEU. I have ZERO issue with Keaton’s Batman whatsoever, but this will now be there FOURTH Batman (TV Gotham, Batfleck, Pattinson and now Keaton) we’ve had since Christian Bale’s incredible trilogy of movies that ended in 2012. I love Batman more than anyone, but it’s getting tiring at this point. Batman is the Spiderman of the DC world.

No future Justice for the League: The Zack Snyder/DCEU saga needs to end. And it looks like it may with the release of the Snyder (Justice) League. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been around for longer than I care to remember and with the report dropping today that there is no planned sequel, we may finally get some closure on the Snyderverse. Listen, I’m sure the new and improved Justice League movie-turned-HBO Max-series will be great, but I’m just sick of what this drama has created. Whenever a DC movie comes out that people don’t like, they immediately want “_______’s Cut” of the movie, like that’s going to make it infinitely better or something. Let Snyder’s JL come out and be done with it. Please don’t green light a sequel after it get’s released. Please..

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