Joe Judge And The Giants Should Be Embarrassed

Does little baby wah wah need a binky? Hmmm? Is someone a little fussy because their rival didn’t do what they wanted them to do? Awww, poor lil Joey Judge. Give me a break with this shit.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team taking out it’s young, promising starting quarterback in a meaningless Week 17 game be more polarizing than this has been in my entire life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Doug Pederson and the Eagles were 100000% throwing in the towel against the Football Team. That’s not up for debate in my eyes. But regardless of how you feel about that, the Giants (and the media) have no leg to stand on when it comes to being upset at that fact.

And I say “Giants” because it’s not just their head coach. You had Giants players (as well as other players around the league) tweeting up a storm Sunday Night like they had just witnessed some giant NFL conspiracy.

Just blatantly acting like they’ve never seen or been a part of a team that has ever rested starters or “taken the night off” in a meaningless game. It was embarrassing for everyone involved. If I saw a player from my team actively cheering for our rival, I’d be sick to my stomach. I don’t care if you need them to win to get you to the playoffs. Tweet one sarcastic thing saying you’re “rooting” for them, and end it there. You had Giants players and fans tweeting throughout the entire game their support for the Eagles. Disgusting.

Judge tries to make his point valid by bringing up all that “integrity of the game” nonsense, but buddy, you literally just came from a team in the Patriots that would routinely rest their starters towards the end of the season to get ready for a playoff push. How is this different? I mean, Pederson could have been a little more subtle with it, but who cares! Giants players and coaching staff showing up day after day and all that stuff he brings up has no meaning because guess what Joe, THE EAGLES WENT THROUGH THE SAME EXACT THING! Every team did. You aren’t special. Your team won 6 games and you’re upset your RIVAL didn’t help you make it to the playoffs. Do you understand how idiotic that sounds?

The Eagles just jumped from the 9th to the 6th pick in the draft with that loss. That’s big! They did what was best for their team. How can you fault them for that? Now, I personally would have just tanked from the very beginning of the game and not even started Hurts, but that’s just me. Same outcome, just a different formula.

And the Eagles players also have every right to be upset with Pederson and management too, don’t get me wrong. The Eagles ultimately made the right move in forcing a loss, but no player likes to lose. That’s why I said Pederson could have been more sensitive about how he went about it. If he starts Sudfeld from the start, even though the players know what’s going on, I just feel like that would’ve been a little easier to digest. Hell, sit all the starters you can, who cares! If you’re going to shoot for a loss, go all out.

I can’t believe Joe Judge has me out here DEFENDING the freaking Eagles. I HATE THE EAGLES. But at this moment, I hate Joe Judge more. Don’t come out with this sad/angry press conference talking about integrity and sacrifice and blah blah blah. Just come out and say you’re pissed the Eagles didn’t try to win to help your shitty ass 6 win team make the playoffs. Admit it, we all know that’s what’s going on. Dink.

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