VIDEO: The Patriots Are Done..Or Are They?

Listen, I’ll say it, I pulled the plug on this team weeks ago after the lost to a putrid Texans team. I declared their season “Fin” and I parted ways with thinking this season could grow into anything other than me hate-watching every game just waiting for the sweet sweet death that is the end of the regular season. Because this team had NO chance to make the playoffs after that loss.

Or did they?

However slim, somehow, someway, this collection of nitwits has kept their playoff hopes alive (6% still counts) and guess what? I’m back.

As an optimistic fan, I just can’t bring myself to fully call it quits on this team until ZERO PERCENT chance of making it to the playoffs. I just can’t do it!

I know this region is filled with enough cynics to fill a dozen 98.5 Felger & Mazz studios, but I am not one of them. I’ll yell. I’ll curse. I’ll say Cam Newton has the intelligence of a 3rd grader when it comes to this offense or N’Keal Harry should be the last receiver used on the depth chart, but I will never wave the white flag until you force me to. It’s just who I am.

I understand the defense is reverting back to “bend but don’t break”. I can see that Cam Newton has missed more reads than he’s ready correctly. I also comprehend that other than Damien Harris, this offense could barely strike fear into a high school football team. But I also refuse count out a team led by Bill Belichick. I’ve seen him work his magic far too many times to not give him at least a SLIVER of hope.

So we’re onto Miami where, in all likelihood, the Patriots playoff hopes will officially be put to rest and I’ll be back here in a week cursing up and down how this team is a joke, but until then, I’m going to create every single scenario where the Pats beat Miami on their way to snagging a playoff seed. And guess what? Once you’re in the dance, anything can happen baby!

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