Philly Has Ruined Nick Foles

The Bears are 5-5 and even being .500 on the season is giving them too much credit. They suck. Wait, let me correct that: The Bears offense sucks. It’s stuff of legends. You give them a short field, they’ll make it a long one. You give them an open receiver, Foles will throw him into coverage or just miss him entirely. You give them a lead? They will do what they can to give it up.

The Chicago Bears have a tremendous defense with one of the worst offenses these eyes have ever seen in recentm memory.

149 yards of offense is amazing on 3rd down.

149 yards of offense for an entire game is as horrendous as you can get. Some of the numbers this Chicago offense put up this game, as well as this season, has been mind-blowing. And not in the good way..

How Sway?

How is that even possible. An entire 15 minutes quarter goes by and you manage to, not only not get any yardage, but total a whopping NEGATIVE ONE YARD. How does this happen? Who allowed this Bears offense to play in the league? Take them all out. Have the defense play both sides. Why do they think the Wildcat is still a viable offensive play in the NFL in 2020? I guarantee you they’ll have more production than this clown show that is parading around as a professional offensive unit.

In case you didn’t know, Barkevious Mingo does not play offense. He is a defensive player. A defensive player has the longest rush for the Chicago Bears in their last 2 games. That is how bad things are going in the windy city.

And now on top of all that, their starting QB Nick Foles almost broke his back tonight. And if I were to use my supreme knowledge of injuries on the gridiron, I’d say he’s out for the year.

I genuinely hope Nick Foles recovers. It looked bad for a bit there seeing him lay prone on the ground with the Bears medical staff around him.

BUT, Nick Foles is has not been sucking recently because of Nick Foles skill. Oh no no. I’ve seen this same man go toe-to-toe with Tom Brady and win. Nick Foles has been circling the drain this season for one reason and one reason only: Phila-fucking-delpha.

Philly is, as you all know, a trash city filled with trash people who root for a trash football team helmed by an all-time trash QB. This septic city has attached their stink to Nick Foles and like any parasite, they’ve slowly been sucking the life from him since he miraculously got out of that joke of a city.

Philadelphia has not only ruined their own quarterback, they’ve decided to destroy the career of Big Dick himself, Nick Foles. And it’s a shame. If Foles never touched down in that grimy city known as Philly, he’d likely be manning a one loss Bears team to the Super Bowl this year with how good that defense is. But since the Eagles got a hold of him and made sure to dunk him in their pit of misery before shipping him away, he is now cursed for eternity. He will walk the NFL world deaf, blind and dumb and all the NFL will know…this is Nick Foles, the fool who thought he could leave Philly unscathed.

(Skip to 1:32)

If Bears fans are looking for someone to blame for this season’s offensive struggles, please don’t spew your vile hatred at Nick Foles. The man is doing all he can with the curse that has been laid upon him.

No, please send all your venom towards the trash city of Philadelphia for contaminating Foles with their suck and absorbing all the life out of him for ONE Super Bowl win before shipping him off for the overrated, timid waste of talent that is Carson Wentz.

I wish you a speedy recovery BD Nick. And for the rest of the Bears organization, I hope that now with the one cursed player off your team, you can maybe put together some wins and make some noise late in the season. Godspeed gentlemen.

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